Article Analysis:"Minnesota homes have become hotbed for radioactive gas radon"

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The Star Tribune article "Minnesota homes have become hotbed for radioactive gas radon" opened with a Prior Lake man's diagnosis of advanced lung cancer. The author then segwayed to the unawareness most Minnesotans have of the odorless, colorless gas radon. In the article the Star Tribune did their own data analysis that concluded 40 percent of homes in Minnesota when tested for radon are found to be above the safe level. Adding to this statistic the author described why radon plagues Minnesota homes--because of our state's regional geology.

The author continued to intersperse quotes from people affected by radon in their homes. He also quoted a professor from the University of Minnesota who studies radon awareness. The author also gave a little synopses of radon's history in the U.S., which was brought to national attention in the '80s when a worker at a nuclear plant kept setting off sensors, because radon was on him from his house.

The author added steps on how to test your house for radon, and added that the law does not require houses to be tested for radon before they are sold. He gave background information about state radon standards, citing the the Indoor Radon Abatement Act Congress passed in 1988.

The author gave a diverse array of information about radon, which made the article interesting. He also livened the article with statistics and quotes which kept me reading. I knew of radon before this article, but I now know more and am glad I read it.

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