April 19, 2005

SOULFOOD!!! the series.....

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A talented, eclectic ensemble cast reunites the Joseph family in the hour-long family drama, Soul Food, an Edmonds Entertainment/State Street Pictures production in association with Paramount Network Television for Showtime. Soul Food was the first original Showtime series to receive a second season order from the network. Based on the critically acclaimed film from writer/director George Tillman, Jr. the series Soul Food takes an honest, touching look at tradition and family life through the trials and tribulations of a tight-knit African-American family living in Chicago. Without missing a beat, Soul Food picks up where the 1997 film left off with a family trying to do the best it can with what life has dealt them, while facing day to day turmoil that seems to permeate their lives. Although the Joseph's beloved matriarch, Mama Joe (Irma P. Hall, Soul Food), has passed away, she is still there in spirit and her words of wisdom resound through her grandson Ahmad (Aaron Meeks), who is having a hard time adapting to his new role as "man of the house" since his parent's separation.

Maxine (Vanessa Williams, Melrose Place) and Kenny (Rockmond Dunbar) found that time apart was the only palpable solution to their problems at least for the time being. And while Lem (Darrin Dewitt Henson) and Bird (Malinda Williams, High School High) do their best to help reunite the couple, it soon becomes clear to the entire family that Maxine and Kenny just need some time on their own. Teri (Nicole Ari Parker, Loving Jezebel) is wooed by her old company, Greene & Norris, and offered a partnership and chance to head the firm's labor department. However, this opportunity worries Damon (Boris Kodjoe, Love & Basketball) and Maxine who feel that Teri's panic attacks aren't yet a thing of the past. And although the family faces difficult hurdles, they always find their way back to the traditional Sunday dinner that allows them to share each other's company and recognize that they truly mean the world to each other.

I like soul food because i can relate to it being in a black family. It teaches you about the trials that people face on a daily bases and gives you ways to deal with them. It is not so serious that you get bored or feel lectured to and it has lots of drama and comedy, which is always good for ratings..... for more information check out the web site http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/ShowMainServlet/showid-1288/Soul_Food/

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April 12, 2005


The newest thing in the city is the lightrail transit. It is our new form of transportation. It will take you to various places including the mall and airport in a short time. This will make you "wake up" and not be destracted by somnambulism. I got off at the last stop which is the mall of america and went in for some shopping. My pre-ride ideas of the hi is that i expected it to be like much of the other lightrail systems in other cities like Chicago, my home town. I didn't however expect it to be as advanced because it was so new to minneapolis. After ridding it my general analysis of it was positive, although it does need more work done adding new stops. I don't think that i would have noticed the art if we wouldn't have talked in class about it, but when i took time to notice it i found out there was some cool things surrounding the Hi. I find the ride more relaxing than the city bus ride because its quicker and more spacious. for more informationwww.metrotransit.org

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April 5, 2005



There is this cool new thing to do called yellow arrow. Its where you put up yellow arrows on significant things or places to you that is in the city. Its almost like urban "Tagging" except it is legal. When you see a yellow arrow you text the number and you will immedately find out why the place is hott. You also can create your own. if i was to put one up i would put it a tiger jacks store in St. Paul. it is significant because it has been around for centuries and the same person who owned the store also sold the candy. He died about three years ago and they named the street after him that the candy shop was on. www.yellow arrow.org

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