May 1, 2008

Last Day

My final blog promt on my volunteering experience. this promt is over two weeks. in the past week i continued to grow a relationship with the kids. these last two times that i went i recently got to stay longer because i didnt have to leave early for my class. I have got a good idea on what ACES education program was and i actually helped out my leader with teaching the kids. i think that it is good that they are educating even after school is over. they still give the kids a chance to have fun after they learn. One my last day there it was hard to say good bye to the kids because i built a good bond with a few of them. Hopefully i can help out ACES again next year and maybe continue this bond with the kids and build even more.

Blog Promt 9: thoughts on a in class presentation

The second presentation that i saw was the goal of enviromental sustainability. i found it very interesting about the different buildings around the us that are very sustainable. i also like how they focused on fixing on general area and in minnesota. it gives an area that most of us should know. their ideas are basic things to change what people do. some of the ideas that they have are the reason why we have to worry about sustainability i think it would be good to eliminate some things that people do that hurt the enviroment. overall i thought it was a good idea to help create a more pleasing enviroment so close the to the city. One last thing that i found very interesting is that the riverside towers were once made for the high to middle calss and it now houses lower class

Blog Promt 8: reflection on presentation (honers)

this is from goal 8. i found it very interesting that more and more people are getting mobile phones instead of land lines. with every one land line there is 3 mobile phones. its also really intersting that politicans used the phones to help their campaigns. they used text messages to get the people to go out and vote. what to do with the internet? cheaper to created a wireless network instead of using standard lines. 1 computer can help teach about 200 kids. i found it very interesting on how developing countries rely on the technology that is introduced to them. in the us we take advantage of these kind of technologies. it really opened my eyes to see that other countries are doing.

April 21, 2008

Long time no see

It was a while since I last seen my kids that a tutor every other week. The last time that i got to see them was a week before our universtiy spring break. when we got back from break they were on their spring break so this past week was the week that we could finally go. It was good to see the kids again and they were excited to see me. we were lucky enough to have a nice day the day a went to tutor so we did our lesson and homework outside. after we finsished that we played kick play with the kids. the tutors vs the students. It was really fun because i got to feel like a kid again i havent played kick play since i was in middle school.
some guy i found playing kick ball

April 4, 2008


Download file

March 12, 2008

put it on the press

There is a rather large variety of different presentation styles and documentation style that people could use to present their projects with. There were a few different styles that i looked at that my group could use to present our project. The first presentation/ documentation style that i look at was a power point slide show.
there are many good and bad things about having a powerpoint for this project. one bad thing is if some of the group members dont have this application they wont be able to help as much it is more of a one person thing untill the presentation time when everyone could talked about what they researched. one plus about a power point is that you have an unlimited amount of room to apply information and your biblography. Another downside about is that it takes time to put in all of the transitions and different effects, also, addding on to that one needs to have some computer knowledge to do so. One last down side is that the people you are presenting to has no physical thing to hole or look at.

The second style i looked at was a brochure
A plus about the the brochure is that people that you are presenting to have something physical to look at and can go back and read on the next page if they would happen to forget something or need clarifacation about an idea. another plus about a brochure, which can be see in the picture above, is that there are many different style to creating one. Also, the group could but thier own personal touch on it that is unique from the others. a down side about the brochure is how you would have limited space to put down all of your information. this could resulted in having a bigger brochure or even cutting out important information. this last stament helps me lead in to the last presentation style that i looked at. this style was creating a website.
with a website you could have all of or information on one page or have it neatly organized throughout the entire site. from the brochure if you ran out of room you could but a website on it where the rest of the information is. this is just one way of combining the two style. the brochure could hit on some of the key points and the website covers the rest of the infromation. one downside about the website is that it is very time consuming and many people don't know how to use them.

March 2, 2008

building blocks around me

I think that the surrounding built enviroment detracts from who i am. These different ways that the enviroment can detract from me are some-what simple to see (to me at least). One way that the enviroment detracts from me is the framework of the city of Minneapolis. The building around the cit don't relate to me at all. I am just a small town boy that isn't use to the skyscrapers. The tallest building in my city is 8 stories here 8 stories almost seems like an average level for buildings around here. The buildings seem to make a person feel so much smaller inside.
One clockworks from the city that really seem to dectract for me is the varience of the day to day life and people seem to be always be working on something or on a mission while walking. This clock work is different from what I am use to once again. Everyday things seemed to be predictable you see the same people drive by every day or you know the sound of a certain vehicle going by. people always seemed to stop and say hi or acknowledge you.
Overall I believe that the city takes away from what I think I am. In one way that the city shows or supports me is the opposition of climate, because I am use to pretty much the same weather pattern that Minneapolis gets.

February 26, 2008

First two weeks in review

when i first was headed to my site to volunteer i wasnt very excited to go. It was a long bus ride to get to the location and i had no idea where i was going or what i was in for. After getting there i was a little intimadated by the amount of kids that were there, but then i learned that we didnt have to help them all in one big room and they were broken up in to smaller groups. After awhile i was really glad to be there becuase kids wanted our help and we got to know them very well because it was almost one tutor to every two or three kids. we got to pla learning games with the kids. they seemed to get very involved with the games which was good. In my second week there it wasnt bad at all the kids were excited to see us again and ready to work on some homework. By the end of the second week me and another volunteer had nicknames from the kids and always seemed to find a way to make them smile.


One major topic that always seems to be on the back of my mind or i hear something about global warming and how the world might reach a point at which it will become out of controll. one of the leading factors to the warming of the earth is the melting of the polar ice caps. As the ice caps melt it is leaving less and less of an area to reflect some of the suns heat rays back in to the atmosphere. As mores ice caps melt the quicker this process is suposse to happen.

I know that this isn't really a building but to me it seems like it could be architecturally related to it. i would want to design some white reflective material and put it out on the oceans to simulate the polar ice caps. as a result it would relect some of the rays (hopefully) on the barges there could be research facilities to montier the atmospere. if need be the white material could be used on roofs of new building that go up.

February 19, 2008

term project...Enviromental Sustainability


I believe that this picture gives a good explanation of what the world it like in realality. The enviroment lies in the hands of the people who use it. if a few of us mess up some of the enviroment is ruined or some people have to pick up the slack for them. i think that we need to get a firm grasp of the enviroment before it spins out of controll and we wont be able to have sustainability any more.


In the same thought from the last picture this picture is represented in the same way. From this picture i see how the sustainability of the enviroment relies in the futures hand. By this i mean we need to teach kids about the enviroment as soon as possible to get them educated and interested in protecting it.



In the last to picture I believe that this shows how technology can have a huge impact one enviroment sustainability. everyday there are new things being invented or tested to help protect the enviroment. one good example of this is the energy windmill , this produces energy without creating a lot of pullutants that are harmful to the enviroment. the hay bails are being used in more and more construction of homes the help raise the insulation and while being a structure at the same time.


"The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased, and not impaired in value."
~Theodore Roosevelt

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment."
~Ansel Adams

"We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap."
~Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.


The 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) by Jack Johnson
-I chose this song because atleast one way people can do is reduce reuse and recycle. This was taught to me when I was little and it is a song related to kids.

Don't Go Near the Water by Johnny Cash
-I chose this song becuase the song explains how water travels down from a mountain stream that is clean and clear and then it goes through a city it is dirty and filled with toxons, resulting in dead fish and childern not being able to play in the water or eat the fish that they catch further down river.

Death of Mother Nature Suite by Kansas
-This song explains how people killed mother nature and theres nothing being done to stop it

February 13, 2008

Social design issue

I think that a social design issue is the new tcf bank stadium that is being built. I'm not real sure what you mean by social design isse but i hope this is it. my reason for thinking it is a social issue is because the amount of people that will be using it. Some issues that have come up with the stadium consists of giving credit to the students that help pay for a good share of the stadium out of their tutition. To solve this problem they are giving students the right to name their enterance. I personally dont think that it is enough for the students considering how much we pay in. other social issues consist of what the university willl do to keep a safe enviroment for students and spectators before the game. it will me a little bit more crazy now with the games being on campus next the University Av. and other streets with university housing on it. One last issue i can think of is how the university is making the stadium on of the first ever green stadiums. i think that this is really good to show how the university is always thinking and one step ahead. Hopefully this will spark other new stadiums or other buildings to build green.

February 5, 2008

Andy Goldsworthy response

I believe that there are a couple of different types of energy flowing throughout the city and can be seen in a coulpe of different ways. one energy that can be seen on campus is the excitment of students come game day of a sporting event. Also, a way to see energy in the city without using people is after a cool rain fall on a hot summer day seeing the steam rise off of the hot asphalt releasing the energy built up from the sun back into the atmosphere.