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First two weeks in review

when i first was headed to my site to volunteer i wasnt very excited to go. It was a long bus ride to get to the location and i had no idea where i was going or what i was in for. After getting there i was a little intimadated by the amount of kids that were there, but then i learned that we didnt have to help them all in one big room and they were broken up in to smaller groups. After awhile i was really glad to be there becuase kids wanted our help and we got to know them very well because it was almost one tutor to every two or three kids. we got to pla learning games with the kids. they seemed to get very involved with the games which was good. In my second week there it wasnt bad at all the kids were excited to see us again and ready to work on some homework. By the end of the second week me and another volunteer had nicknames from the kids and always seemed to find a way to make them smile.