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Social design issue

I think that a social design issue is the new tcf bank stadium that is being built. I'm not real sure what you mean by social design isse but i hope this is it. my reason for thinking it is a social issue is because the amount of people that will be using it. Some issues that have come up with the stadium consists of giving credit to the students that help pay for a good share of the stadium out of their tutition. To solve this problem they are giving students the right to name their enterance. I personally dont think that it is enough for the students considering how much we pay in. other social issues consist of what the university willl do to keep a safe enviroment for students and spectators before the game. it will me a little bit more crazy now with the games being on campus next the University Av. and other streets with university housing on it. One last issue i can think of is how the university is making the stadium on of the first ever green stadiums. i think that this is really good to show how the university is always thinking and one step ahead. Hopefully this will spark other new stadiums or other buildings to build green.