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building blocks around me

I think that the surrounding built enviroment detracts from who i am. These different ways that the enviroment can detract from me are some-what simple to see (to me at least). One way that the enviroment detracts from me is the framework of the city of Minneapolis. The building around the cit don't relate to me at all. I am just a small town boy that isn't use to the skyscrapers. The tallest building in my city is 8 stories here 8 stories almost seems like an average level for buildings around here. The buildings seem to make a person feel so much smaller inside.
One clockworks from the city that really seem to dectract for me is the varience of the day to day life and people seem to be always be working on something or on a mission while walking. This clock work is different from what I am use to once again. Everyday things seemed to be predictable you see the same people drive by every day or you know the sound of a certain vehicle going by. people always seemed to stop and say hi or acknowledge you.
Overall I believe that the city takes away from what I think I am. In one way that the city shows or supports me is the opposition of climate, because I am use to pretty much the same weather pattern that Minneapolis gets.