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put it on the press

There is a rather large variety of different presentation styles and documentation style that people could use to present their projects with. There were a few different styles that i looked at that my group could use to present our project. The first presentation/ documentation style that i look at was a power point slide show.
there are many good and bad things about having a powerpoint for this project. one bad thing is if some of the group members dont have this application they wont be able to help as much it is more of a one person thing untill the presentation time when everyone could talked about what they researched. one plus about a power point is that you have an unlimited amount of room to apply information and your biblography. Another downside about is that it takes time to put in all of the transitions and different effects, also, addding on to that one needs to have some computer knowledge to do so. One last down side is that the people you are presenting to has no physical thing to hole or look at.

The second style i looked at was a brochure
A plus about the the brochure is that people that you are presenting to have something physical to look at and can go back and read on the next page if they would happen to forget something or need clarifacation about an idea. another plus about a brochure, which can be see in the picture above, is that there are many different style to creating one. Also, the group could but thier own personal touch on it that is unique from the others. a down side about the brochure is how you would have limited space to put down all of your information. this could resulted in having a bigger brochure or even cutting out important information. this last stament helps me lead in to the last presentation style that i looked at. this style was creating a website.
with a website you could have all of or information on one page or have it neatly organized throughout the entire site. from the brochure if you ran out of room you could but a website on it where the rest of the information is. this is just one way of combining the two style. the brochure could hit on some of the key points and the website covers the rest of the infromation. one downside about the website is that it is very time consuming and many people don't know how to use them.