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Phar 4XXX/5XXX healthcare controversy class

We have just discussed the concept of health literacy and its potential impact on health outcomes. Take a few minutes now to write down any potential strategies that come quickly to your mind which could be used to improve health literacy. Choose an area of healthcare with which you feel most comfortable.

Next, choose one tool/strategy from above and list reasons why health institutions should spend the time and money to develop this tool (i.e. convince the administration why it makes good business sense).


Amy--This looks like a great brainstorming activity. Students may want to know, however, why you are asking them to do this. Will the ideas they generate lead to a bigger paper or project? Also, do you want to give them some guidance (have them list, draw the idea bubbles, etc.). Will you then follow up by having them post these ideas to a discussion board? Or will you collect the second part? I think that by giving them more guidance you might avoid them just picking the first thing that comes to mind (stopping short of really brainstorming) or just skipping the exercise all together.

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