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Banking Issues

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Hi Dave--Your assignments remind me that your field is filled with concpets about which I know close to zilch. That won't keep me from forging ahead with comments, however!

When you ask students to "Explain how deposit insurance creates a moral hazard problem" my questions are these:

To whom should I assume I'm writing (someone who knows what these terms mean, for example)? The word "explain" throws me off, and I don't know how much detail to go into. I also suspect that there is a right and a wrong answer, which would make this resemble a quiz rather than a writing assignment aimed toward learning.

With the second part of that assignment ("Relate the meltdown...", I wonder whether you might change the wording in order to elicit multiple responses: "What are some of the ways that the meltdown of...might relate to...." Once students brainstorm here, you might create a concept map of their ideas on the board.

Same with the 2nd assignment, really, if students could list and discuss some of the reasons why the number of banks has declined and then create a five-minute paper in in which they defend or argue against the claim that banks will continue to decline during the next decade.