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German 3011 Writing

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Rebecca- hi. Thanks for being first-to-post!

This syllabus clause is somehow filed in the initial assignment file---I'll see if I can switch it to the syllabus clause file.

In any case, as a student reader, I am happy to see that content will count toward the grade, and this isn't only about grammatical/usage correctness!

I'm unsure how the writing that I will do in the course really relates to German---am I simply preparing to write general academic prose, but in this class my practice happens to be in German? Might you want me to experience Germanic styles, constructions, texts? A merging of German thought and text construction?

Also, I get the message from this clause that the emphasis, even in journals, is on correct production of writing. Although you describe journals as "a place for exploration and experimentation with the language" you also tell me that they will be graded on effort (I'm not sure how you will measure that) and appropriate language. Journals are very hard to grade, I know, but if you want me to take risks there andreally experiment with written fluency, I might need to know that doing so will count.