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late semester paper assignment for a US foreign policy course

US foreign policy 1xxx level course, adapted from a 2005 assignment

Paper Assignment.

Evaluate the accuracy of the following statement:

“From reading the 9-11 Report and Cameron’s book one can better understand both the U.S. decision to overthrow Mossadegh in 1953 and how easy it would have been to prevent 9-11. Five books read in this course – Gaddis, Bacevich, Kinzer, Cameron, and the 9-11 Report – offer very similar ideas about the key ingredients for good or effective US foreign policy. The theme of all five is how US foreign policy changed as the world changed, but the most important insights are Cameron’s discussion of how loose and decentralized the policy process can be?.

Note: “evaluate? means to assess the accuracy of the claims in this statement about the five books it mentions.
Details of the assignment

• Due date is class on April 25. Late papers will be penalized one letter grade.

• Paper length is 9-10 pages, typed double space in arial or times new roman 12 font or the equivalent.

• Be sure to provide citations to specific pages of the 5 books to substantiate the points you make in the paper.

• An “A? paper assesses each of the statement’s claims about these five books; substantiates its conclusions about each claim with references to specific, relevant passages of specific books; and is presented with clarity that makes the paper easy to follow.

• In writing the paper assume your audience is someone who has read these books but has not yet decided what she or he thinks about the statement. That is where your insights come in.