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Political Parties--Short Writing Assignment

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Debbie---I like the explicit statements of purpose and the equally explicit statements of "what this paper is not." Those will help students focus.

I can't remember, but think that this is a 4K course, right? I wonder about your choice to use narrative essay form. You seem willing to accept opinions and anecdotes related to interactions with current parties and of the party system itself. You might even get a smart alec who writes about political dinners (“parties�). I might, alternately, feel encouraged to provide anecdotal opinions about the Green party based on my discussions with a fundraiser who interrupted my dinner by ringing my doorbell. None of this will give you an accurate impression of my academic writing abilities---but perhaps you want to show the students how many of our party impressions relate to personal stories?

Do you intend to assign more first-person narratives in the course? Breaking away from that genre, I wonder if you might ask them to create a brief argument—a brief defense or criticism of the current party system that uses logic and experience rather than external resources. This might, for example, be directed to someone who, perhaps lives in a party-less, or single-party system? Alternately, you could ask for a defense or piece of advocacy for a particular party based on personal interactions with that party.

I wonder if you might tell me that I will revisit or reconsider rather than write this paper again at the end of the semester?
Grading-wise---I’d like to know how the 5 pts. Translates. Five out of how many?