August 23, 2007

Banking Issues

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5 Minute Assignments for WRIT 1301

1. Camille Paglia writes, “ One of my male students recently slept overnight with a friend in a passageway of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. He described the moon and sand, the ancient silence and eerie echoes. I am a woman. I will never experience that. I am not stupid enough to believe I could ever be safe there. There is a world of solitary adventure I will never have. Women have always known these somber truths. But feminism, with its pie-in-the-sky fantasies about the perfect world, keeps young women from seeing life as it is.?

You are a feminist activist and Camille Paglia is your best friend. Over dinner at your place, you challenge the position she implies here. In one sentence, articulate that challenge just as you would say it.

2. In one sentence, summarize the main point from last night’s reading. (We will then compare these to begin class.)

Carol's 5-minute papers

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August 22, 2007

Political Parties 2 In-class assignments

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Palestinian-Israeli course

Israeli/Palestinian course
12 minute in class assignment

One of your friends, who is a 9th grade teacher, lights up as you mention that you are taking a course on the Israeli-Palestinian situation. The friend says: “wow, next month my 9th grade social studies class will spend two weeks on this topic…..from what you are learning, please tell recommend 3 historical items (events, dates, etc.) before 1948 that for sure I should mention to the class as background on this topic.?

Since this person is a friend, you want to help. Respond with 3 paragraphs, each listing one event and for that event providing a brief justification for why that event is very important in the history of this conflict.

The teacher for whom you are writing these paragraphs is intelligent and dedicated but has no background on this issue. You by comparison are becoming an expert.

Note: twelve minutes from now groups will form in which people compare their answers to this exercise and develop a diagram of some important events in the pre-1948 history based on these papers. The group diagram and the individual papers will than be collected and read but not graded. You will receive credit for participating in this exercise so be sure you name is on your paper.