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Course Objectives -- Gary Peter

These objectives are for GC 1422, Writing Laboratory: Communicating in Society (second semester writing course):

At the successful conclusion of the course, students should be able to:

o Demonstrate a solid understanding of conducting research using a range of sources, including online, print, and personal/experiential;

o Identify and analyze different rhetorical contexts (for example, websites, newsletters, pamphlets, essays, stories) as effective ways to convey information, ideas, and arguments;

o Analyze and explore a particular topic from a variety of perspectives and contexts;

o Continue to work effectively with the writing process (brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing) and other writing strategies to solve particular writing problems in your own writing and in your classmates' writing;

o Demonstrate an awareness of the choices a writer must make when writing for different audiences and purposes in terms of content, style, and word choice;

o Summarize, paraphrase, quote, and accurately cite sources, including integrating research with your own ideas;

o Apply guidelines for using and documenting sources according to MLA style;

o Understand the definition of plagiarism and its implications, including ways to avoid it in written work.