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Heather's proposal

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Heather -- great topic -- I look forward to having my rusty and probably erroneous understanding of cultural rhetorics updated!

Questions arise, always, about the extent to which we should accommodate vs. educate. How can we best help non-native English writers to make effective choices about the extent to which they should conform to western readers' preferences?

I'm not exactly sure what Pamela means by accommodate. Well, I'm sure and I'm not sure. When I think about it, are any of our students able to make effective choices at this stage? If so, aren't they the exceptions?

It seems like we're wondering where the balance is between just telling people "this is how it is" vs. explaining the choices (and when is choice overwhelming? And when are choices "not real," because they probably won't succeed with X or Y in their chosen discourse?)

Heather, as an instructor with a lot of NNS in my classes, I'm very interested in this topic too. As someone with no formal background in teaching NNS, I'd be grateful for any practical tips you might have for how I can be more effective in helping NNS students understand the "conformist" ways of the American higher ed. I'm also interested the "accommodation" factor, and whether in being too "accommodating," are we doing a disservice to NNS students?

Heather, I'm particularly in how we should grade NSS. Should we have a slightly different set of objectives for their papers? Should we discuss this with them openly? A NNS has to do so much extra work just to get by in a class that I don't see why this shouldn't be factored into their grade. In any case, I look forward to your presentation.

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