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Questions pertaining to Abbott et al's "Interchanges"

Which of the four approaches did you most identify with (either because you teach in similar ways or would like to)?

What do you conclude about the power of disciplinary discourse norms versus personality type and teaching style?

What might Elbow and Bartholomae conclude about the power of personal writing that became the emphasis of this dialogue?


This article is a clear example in how an “audience� can be inspired to write. This dialogue between four colleagues shows us different perspectives and their importance in teaching writing.
(I found really useful Fishman’s perspective --and his practical exercise-- about why an engineer needs to write well)
It became clear that concept of “peer� is critical in their case; because all of them are professors and they don’t have a hierarchical relationship, but a horizontal dialogue.
As the authors affirmed at the end, despite the differences in their “voices�, they share important assumptions about learning.