February 19, 2006

Questions pertaining to McCarthy's A Stranger in Strange Lands

Although McCarthy studied only one student’s experiences w/writing in three courses over 21 months, there were a LOT of factors contributing the different ways that Dave construed writing assignments in these three courses. Which struck you as most influential?

To what extent did McCarthy’s findings about these three different courses/assignments seem applicable to patterns typical to these discourses?

What relevance might Perry’s four positions have to Dave’s 21-semester progress?

Looking at Grice’s cooperative principle and the four conditions on which successful “conversation? relies (209-210) which of the four do you think that you emphasize in your writing assignments and comments on students’ work?

How might you, in your course, help students to apply writing proficiencies they've gained in other courses to the writing (and critical reading) you're asking them to do in your course? What might you do, specifically, for students who may come to you with diverse backgrounds in academic discourse?