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Funding Small Development

I stumbled on an article by Peter Schwartz from 2002 about a group called DevelopmentSpace. Schwartz is
a founder of the Global Business Network.

Schwartz calls DevelopmentSpace (now GlobalGiving) An eBay for Development (that's actually the title of the essay). It's a web application that brings together development proposals for countries with people who have the money to fund the projects. Many of the projects are not big enough for organizations like the World Bank to consider. The founders of DevelopmentSpace/GlobalGiving, Dennis Whittle and Mari Kuraishi, are former employees of the World Bank.

This relates well to some of the things Brian Atwood said about development in African states and how the IMF and World Bank are funding large and expensive projects and making heavy demands on economies. GlobalGiving would seem to be a viable alternative.

Bonus link: recent NPR story on GlobalGiving.