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Go Run

Let’s Change the Face of Leadership

It’s Time… for new voices, new ideas, new results. It’s time for a culture that looks and feels and acts differently—fluid, flexible, expansive and engaged, vital and infinitely various. It’s time for a national conversation that is richly diverse and genuinely representative. It’s time for a nation that responds to challenges by drawing on the strength and wisdom of all its people, women and men.

In 2007, The White House Project is traveling to cities and towns across America to change the face of leadership, and bring more women leaders into the pipeline. Only by creating a critical mass of women leaders in all seats of power, from the boardroom to the statehouse, will we create needed change. We can change old habits by individually and collectively rewriting the definition of “leader? and putting a woman’s face on it.

Bringing new faces to the leadership table is not only the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do.