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Followup to conversation about media role

Hello Everyone – Just a few more comments about the role of media in covering public issues.

1. In addition to working with reporters, you should consider submitting opinion pieces and letters to the editor to the print media. According to local journalist David Brauer, letters to the editor are the most read part of the newspaper.
2. If misinformation is published about your endeavor, be sure that you challenge that misinformation – if possible in the same medium that published it.
3. I believe Eric Black and Sharon Schmickle, two outstanding journalists, will teach a Media and Public Affairs course at the Institute this spring. So look for that during registration if you’re interested in that.

Barbara Crosby


FYI Eric Black's posts at MN Monitor

Eric Black's personal blog

The changing face of the media scene portrayed in the following reports.

On the Media's Bob Garfield covered citizen journalism a couple of weeks ago. Read the comments! One of the guests on the show, Jay Rosen, does not like how he was edited and lets them know.

On The Media: Citizen Journalism