November 28, 2007

Global Warming Issue on NPR

A couple stories on All Things Considered today that go well with Jim Perry's talk on Monday.

NPR : Nations to Reunite for Kyoto Progress Report

October 28, 2007

Bridge News: MNDOT under fire

At the request of Minnesota Congressman James Oberstar, Bart Andersen testified Tuesday before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit. He told lawmakers that "MnDOT doesn't have enough full-time bridge inspectors to keep motorists safe. It's impossible for 77 inspectors to check 14,000 bridges throughout Minnesota while performing all of the other tasks that are part of the job."

Of course, MNDOT disputes this. The sides can't even agree on how many bridge inspectors we have for the state.

Read the full story here.

April 14, 2007

Citizens League: Policy & a Pint

America's Checkbook: Overdrawn

US Comptroller General David M. Walker discusses the state of America's finances.

Register at the link above.

Thursday, April 19th
Doors open at 5:00, program starts at 5:30
Solera, 900 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis
Cost: $10, $5 for students with valid ID
Appetizers from Solera included

April 13, 2007

Policy blogging

David Wilcox at Designing for Civil Society has a good post about policy blogging. He looks at high-level blogging and starts with Paul Evans assertion "that good blogs by those close to power may be more interesting than those in power." (Evans is another blogger and linked at Wilcox's site.) Wilcox uses climate change policy as an example. (Wilcox is in the UK.)

In the article, Wilcox mentions that he was flattered to find his blog listed on Environment Secretary David Miliband's blog. This relates to my previous entry here of how a Subject (low power, high interest) can begin transforming to the Player mode (high power, high interest) via the Blogosphere.

I don't know Wilcox's background but I know personally that my PF Hyper Blog is gaining in readership and that it has opened some doors for me with community wireless forums and arenas. For example, I will be on a panel Monday; I'm meeting with Keith Ellison's District Manager today (and hopefully Ellison) to discuss Net Neutrality; and I was asked to apply for a seat on the Minneapolis Digital Inclusion Advisory Board. Yes, I "showed up" and attended meetings but I know the blog also helped in raising people's awareness of me and my expertise. It also gives a view inside my personal life and I think that can be helpful in building trust.

I think as future policy makers and shakers we need to understand web publishing well and the low cost of entry. This blog thing is about conversation and anyone can join in. Wilcox calls this stuff "open source politics" and "conversational democracy."