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Advertising Message Strategy Effects Survey

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This past week, I completed a study for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication through the SOMA system of the University of Minnesota. The study looked at the effects of television advertisements on purchasing behavior of brands, asking the survey respondents Likert Scale questions about how they perceived the commercial and the product being sold in the message. The questions varied from general feelings about the product being advertised, to future purchasing behavior and personification of the brand.

Taking this study made me think about how best to present a survey, given the circumstances and factors related to the topic. Clearly, the email format of this survey is the best for the study's given needs. The survey utilized three separate videos which the participants of the study needed to view before advancing onto the questions. The videos were about a minute and a half long in length and reflected advertisements that would be viewed on a television screen at home. Without the email survey format, the videos would not be readily available for respondents, making the survey extremely more difficult to complete. Additionally, the email format of the survey allows the researcher the opportunity to analyze survey results in real time. This is extremely helpful in a long term study. Finally, the email survey was easy to navigate and complete with its likert scale questions on the online platform. A mail survey or ad hoc survey of the same kind would be time consuming given the scales. The online format clearly laid out the questions for smooth answers an transitioning.

Overall, the survey experience that I had was positive. There was no inherent bias in the study and I felt like my responses had a purpose. The only questions in the survey that I would have eliminated had to do with personification of a brand. I would not apply human qualities to a brand, before or after viewing an advertisement. I felt like the questions were a bit silly and unnecessary. Outside of these questions, the survey flowed well and was extremely pleasant to complete.

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