September 30, 2008

Breaking all the rules

The whole movie is based on character development. Without this, there would be no mystery, suspense, and it would not have been very interesting. I think the use of homosexuality and bisexuality played a role in Basic Instinct to show more depth to the characters. I think it showed how Catherine (Sharon Stone) was a free bird, she was not conservative, she was a rule breaker, and overall full of surprises. In the beginning it was made very clear that Catherine was a very sexual person by how she openly spoke of sex. It was also very clear that she viewed sex as purely pleasure with no deep feelings involved. I think Catherine being a bisexual emphasizes her personality. She makes her own way through life not caring what others think. For example, when Catherine was brought in for questioning, she begins to light up a smoke and is then informed that the building is smoke-free. She calmly asks what they were going to do if she continued and pretty much called their bluff. She makes her own way through life and pushes all rules and people aside who interfere. Catherine is also a very sexy character. Women want to be her and men want to be with her. Catherine being a bisexual emphasizes her sexiness because most people find lesbians to be very arousing. I don’t think this movie portrayed bisexuals and homosexuals as being evil in any way.