December 14, 2008

Child remains found outside of Casy Anthony's home

Friday Investigators in Orlando, FL. said they found remains of a toddler near 22-year-old Casey Anthony’s home reported CNN.

Police believe that the body they found is the body of the missing toddler Caylee Anthony that was last seen in June. Her mother Casey is currently being held in prison on charges of murdering her daughter Caylee reported Yahoo news.

Police believe the skeletal remains are Caylee’s due to the color of the hair, appearance of the skill and the consistency to that of a 2-3-year-old child. (Yahoo News)

Police do not currently have sufficient information to give a positive identification to the body and they are waiting until DNA and other tests are completed before doing so. (CNN)

December 8, 2008

Bear Grylls injured

The Discovery Channel reported Sunday that the host of “Man vs. Wild?, Bear Grylls, injured his shoulder in Antarctica during an Expedition reported CNN.

The 34-year-old Grylls was participating in an expedition to raise money for an international charity, and not for the
Discovery Channel. Grylls became injured Friday Night after he fell during the expedition.(CNN)

The Discovery Channel said that Grylls was going to head to the UK for treatment and after his assessment from a doctor they will have a better idea of the seriousness of the injury and the recovery time needed for him reported Yahoo News.

Grylls is the current host of “Man vs. Wild? in which he demonstrates survival techniques, he has hosted the show since November 2006. (Yahoo News)

December 1, 2008

Wal-Mart worker trampled to death during Black Friday madness

A temporary Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death Friday at the Long Island Wal-Mart store in New York when 2,000 customers came through the doors reported CNN.

Jdimytai Damour, 34, was crushed as he and other employees unlocked the doors at 5 am on Friday. Wal-Mart was participating in a traditional sale day which takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving known as black Friday.(CNN)

A line began forming outside the Wal-Mart at 9pm the night before and after the customers trampled through they left a metal portion of the door frame crumpled like an accordion, wrote Yahoo news.

Workers were knocked to the ground when they attempted to help Damour and customers stepped over him and kept shopping even as the store announced that they were closing due to his death. (Yahoo News)

The union that represents retail workers said that the tragedy could have been avoided. They are now calling for an investigation “by all levels of government? to ensure justice for Damour’s family and to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again at Wal-Mart, wrote CNN.

Police have said that it may be difficult to process criminal charges and that they will need to survey the tapes from that day, reported yahoo news.

November 24, 2008

Twilight is a Smash Hit

The movie Twilight was a huge success earning $70.6 million in its opening weekend and coincidentally made the most money ever for a film directed by a female, reported CNN.">.">CNN.

Twilight is based on the popular teen book written by Stephanie Meyer about a two teens that fall in love, one of whom is a vampire. The main characters, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are played by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reported Yahoo News.

Both actors have signed on to star in the sequel New Moon which picks up where the first movie left off. (CNN)

Twilight exceeded expectations, it was only expected to make $37 million. Twilight's success brings credit to Summit Entertainment which opened in April of 2007. Twilight was its sixth production. Summit hopes that Twilight will put it on the map. (Yahoo news)

Summit Entertainment believes that the teen girl audience has been severely underestimated. In the past the teen boy audience was coveted, but now movie makers have realized the money possiblities in teenage girls. (CNN)

November 17, 2008

Fire in Southern California leaves many without homes

Southern California residents were forced to leave their homes Friday and Saturday when forest fires became a threat to their safety reported Yahoo News.

The forest fire has destroyed hundreds of houses, mobile homes, and ranches. The fires have spread from Los Angeles County to the eastern parts of Riverside and Orange counties, and to the northwest in Santa Barbara County. (yahoo news)

The fires have burned over 34 square miles and destroyed over 800 homes since breaking out Thursday. CNN reported that the fire was driven by hurricane strength winds of 80 miles per hour and that the fires have forced more than 10,000 people from their homes.

No deaths have been reported, but police brought in trained dogs to look for bodies on Sunday morning in a trailer park where 500 homes were destroyed. No bodies were found. (Yahoo News)

The fire has led to concerns about air quality throughout the southern California area. A marathon scheduled in Pasadena was canceled to after air quality was said to be unfit. 800 runners were expected to compete. (Yahoo News)

November 10, 2008

Police suspect 8-year-old shooter was taught how to handle a gun by father

Police believe Vincent Romero, 29, of Flagstaff Arizona, who was shot and killed by his 8-year-old son, spoke with a catholic priest about whether or not to teach his son how to use a gun CNN reported.

The Very Rev. John Paul Saunter said Romero wanted his son to learn how to handle a gun and that he didn’t want him to be afraid of them. Romero had been an avid hunter and often shot prairie dogs, the priest also said. (CNN)

The 8-year-old boy shot and killed his father and another man with a 22-caliber rifle Wednesday. They boy now faces two accounts of premeditated murder; police believe he did not act in the spur of the moment Yahoo News reported.

Friday a judge ordered a psychological evaluation to be preformed on the boy. There is a chance he could be tried as an adult due to an Arizona law, however if he is convicted as a minor the boy could be put in juvenile detention until he is 18-years-old. (Yahoo News)

November 3, 2008

Trick-or-treater killed on Halloween

Friday a 12-year-old boy died after being shot several times while trick-or-treating at a house in Sumter South Carolina BBC reported.

TJ Darrisaw had been returning with family from a Halloween party. The family stopped on their way home at the House to trick-or-treat at because the front porch light was on police said. The man inside the house was afraid that he was being robbed so he fired 29 rounds with an AK-47 through his front door, walls and windows when he heard knocking at 8:30pm that night. (BBC)

Quentin Patrick, 22, said he had been robbed and shot before. Patrick delivered a fatal shot to Darrisaw’s head. Patrick is charged with murder assault and battery with intent to kill. (BBC)

Darrisaw’s father and 9-year-old brother were also injured in the gunfire police said. Both boys were wearing Halloween costumes when they approached the house with their father. Their mother waited nearby in a car with a baby. (BBC)

Patrick is an ex-convict with multiple drug convictions. Police do not think drug use was involved in the shooting CNN reported. Police also charged 19-year-old Ericka Patrice Pee with obstruction of justice when she tried to flee the scene with $7,500 in cash. Pee’s 2-year-old daughter was inside the house during the shooting. (CNN)

October 26, 2008

Jennifer Hudson identified the bodies of her killed mother and brother

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson identified the bodies of her mother and brother who were killed last week in Chicago the Cook County medical examiner’s office told CNN Sunday.

Friday the mother Hudson Darnell Donerson, 57 and the brother of Jennifer Hudson, Jason Hudson, 29 were found shot to death in their home. Their bodies were found around 3pm when a relative saw the body of a woman on the living room floor and called authorities reported Yahoo News.

Both suffered multiple gun shot wounds and the case has been ruled as a homicide. One of the victims suffered defensive wounds which have been described as domestic violence. (Yahoo News)

The nephew of Jennifer Hudson, 7-year-old Julian Hudson has not been seen since Friday the same day Hudson’s mother and brother were found dead. Chicago police have been handing out fliers as part of the search for Julian and police have issued an Amber Alert. (CNN)

The FBI have been working with police to find Julian. Police believe that the person who took Julian would have had time to cross state lines, which is a federal crime. (CNN)

Police have been careful not to report the name of who they took into custody, however news reports and a relative have said that the husband of Julia Balfour, sister of Hudson and mother to Julian has been taken into custody. (CNN)

William Balfour is currently on parole and spent almost seven years in prison for attempted murder, vehicular hijacking, and possessing a stolen vehicle. (CNN)

October 18, 2008

John McCain appears on the David Letterman show

“I screwed up,? said Senator and Republican Presidential nominee John McCain to David Letterman Thursday night reported CNN.

McCain appeared on Letterman’s show Thursday and apologized for canceling his last visit late last month. Letterman had made McCain’s canceling of his show the subject of an ongoing joke. (CNN)

McCain had originally been scheduled to appear on Letterman’s show on September 24th and his appearance on the show was three weeks to the day after he had canceled on Letterman at the last minute. At the time McCain had stated that he was suspending his presidential campaign due to the financial crisis. (CNN)

Letterman didn’t believe McCain’s explanation for canceling showed live fotage of McCain preping for an interview with CBS’ Katie Couric. Letterman has proceded to poke fun of McCain and even stated that McCain’s numbers began to slip after he did not appear on Letterman’s show. (CNN)

The band played the Who’s, I can’t explain during McCain’s entrance to the show and Letterman proceded to ask McCain what happened (referring to when McCain bailed on him) reported Yahoo News.
McCain faced a hard round of questions from Letterman about Sarah Palin(his vice-presidential running mate) and his campaign tactics.

McCain actually almost missed Letterman’s show for a second time when his plane was grounded in Phildelphia due to bad weather. (yahoo News) Thankfully McCain opted to rent a helicopter and the rest is history.

October 13, 2008

Wildfire Burns 750 Acres of Forest

1200 people evacuated Two Canyons, just north of LA, early Sunday morning when a wildfire destroyed 750 acres of forest reported CNN.

The fire threatened hundreds of homes and an animal shelter, and destroyed one residence and three motor homes. (CNN) The blaze began around 2 am in an area 20 miles north of downtown LA.

About 400 firefighters were at the scene and aided by water-dumping helicopters and planes Yahoo News reported. No one was seriously injured. A firefighter and one resident reported minor breathing problems. (Yahoo News)

The fire was just South of Wildfire Way Station, an animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center, set on 160 acres. The non-profit agency holds more than 400 animals, including lions, bears, and deer. Officials loaded up the animals in case the fire switched direction. (CNN)

Cause of the fire is still under investigation.

October 6, 2008

Fannie Mae to forgive Ohio Woman of her Outstanding Debt

A woman shot herself twice in the chest Wednesday afternoon after authorities tried to evict her from her home in Ohio reported CNN.

90-year-old, Addie Polk, of Akron, Ohio shot herself when Sheriff’s deputies tried to evict her from her foreclosed home.

Friday, assessing the situation, Fannie Mae spokesman, Brian Faith said that Fannie Mae would set aside the loan of 90-year-old and would halt action against Polk and sign the property to her. (CNN)

“We are going to forgive whatever outstanding balance she had on the loan and give her the house. Given the circumstances, we think it’s appropriate.? Faith said. (CNN)

The people of Akron have rallied behind her in support. Polk became the sole owner of her home in 95’ after her husband died, and later took out a mortgage loan in 97’ which was refinanced several times, reported Yahoo News.

Yahoo also reported that Polk’s neighbor, Robert Dillon, was the person who found her. Dillon climbed through Polk’s window after hearing the shot, and found her lying in bed bleeding with a gun next to her.

Polk is being treated at the Akron General Medical Center, and was listed in critical condition Friday. (CNN)

Looking at the bigger picture, "U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, mentioned Polk on the House floor Friday during the debate over the latest economic rescue proposal." (CNN.)

"This bill does nothing for the Addie Polks of the world," Kucinich said after telling herstory. "This bill fails to address the fact that millions of homeowners are facing foreclosure, are facing the loss of their home. This bill will take care of Wall Street, and the market may go up for afew days, but democracyis going downhill."

September 29, 2008

Prominent actor, Paul Newman dies at age 83

Paul Newman died on Sept. 27th in Westport Conn. at age 83. Newman was surrounded by family and friends including his wife, Joanne Woodward at his farmhouse in Westport reported . Newman later went on to have three daughters with Westwood and moved with her to Westport, Conn.

Besides having a wonderful acting and directing career Newman had other interests as well. Newman loved race car driving and even started his own business. Newman created a salad dressing line, Newman's Own, which now includes popcorn and even an organic line.

“We are such spendthrifts with our lives,? Mr. Newman once told a reporter. “The trick of living is to slip on and off the planet with the least fuss you can muster. I’m not running for sainthood. I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer, who puts back into the soil what he takes out.? (New York Times)

September 22, 2008

2 Killed in a Helicopter crash that collided into a WI house

The Chicago Tribune reported that a helicopter rolled down the staircase and out the front door of a Kenosha home early Sunday morning.

The helicopter narrowly missed a sleeping family of 5 before it came to a standstill on a neighboring lawn, police said. The helicopter collided with the family’s home at around 5:30 a.m.

Police said that the helicopter caught fire after it exited the home’s front door, the house did not catch fire. Police also said that it appeared that the helicopter had lurched onto its side as it crashed, causing the blades to slice through the roof.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating, said Kenosha Police Sgt. Eric Larsen, the Chicago Tribune reported.

A spokesman for the FAA said the helicopter, a Robinson R44, did not file a flight plan with aviation officials. But police said the helicopter had departed from a private Chicago area airport and was headed to a Kenosha airport located about two miles from the crash site.

The helicopter crashed about 1 mile away from the Kenosha Airport, reported the New York Times. They also cited that the helicopter was registered to Midwestern Air Services of Kenosha, which provides charter services and flight training.