6 U.S. Soldiers Killed from Van Bomb in Afghanistan

Six U.S. soldiers were killed and more than a dozen U.S. and Afghan troops were injured Sunday in southern Afghanistan when a van containing explosives was detonated at a new jointly operated outpost.

The New York Times reported that the soldiers were inside a small mud-walled building near the village of Sangsar when the bomber drove up to one of the walls and caused an explosion at around 9 p.m.

A U.S. official told the Star Tribune that the building had been occupied by both Americans and Afghans for only a few days.

Four U.S. soldiers were wounded in addition, according to the Star Tribune.


Parents of Gang Kids Sent to Parenting Classes

A new California law gives judges the option of ordering parents to attend training when their kids are convicted of gang crimes for the first time.

Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, who was the lawmaker behind the Parent Accountability Act, told the Star Tribune that this is the first law that gives judges the power to order parents of gang members to school.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the new law went into effect in January and will be in place across California eventually.

Authorities say that Los Angeles county has an estimated 80,000 gang members, the Star Tribune reported.



The lead "St. Thomas student hailed as hero who saved friends" on the Star Tribune web site works for the story because it is an interesting and compelling way to get visitors to click and see what the story is fully about. The general news is that the Michael Larson is from St. Thomas, but the detailed news is how he was perceived by others and how he acted in this situation. This lead is not a straightforward hard-news approach to the story, because it does not give a lot of news about what happened until you read more. The reporter probably chose this approach because it adds emotion to the story and also serves as a tribute to the life that was lost in the fire.


Comcast Internet Outage Hits Minneapolis-St. Paul

A four-hour Internet outage on Sunday night affected many Comcast customers living in the Midwest, including those in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area.

Reports of the failure began circulating between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night, the Star Tribune reported. It is unknown how many customers were affected.

This outage involved Comcast's Domain Name System (DNS) servers, according to PC Mag.

The Star Tribune reports that service was restored around midnight.


North Korea Continues Threats for War

North Korea warned Saturday that it is ready for an "all-out war" even as it dispatches its top diplomat to Russia amidst regional efforts to reduce tension over the North's deadly artillery attack on South Korea.

The North's official Korean Central News Agency reported to the Star Tribune in a one-sentence report that North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui Chun left for Russia.

North Korea said in a report that the United States is promoting military hysteria in South Korea and Japan which would provoke an "all-out war," according to Bloomberg News.

Pak stated that North Korea needs it nuclear program to fend off its enemies, the Star Tribune reported.


Body of Man Mauled by Dogs Found in Rural New Mexico

A 55-year-old man was attacked and ravaged to death by a pack of dogs in rural New Mexico, authorities say.

On Wednesday, sheriff's investigators, the Navajo Nation police and the FBI are trying to determine what happened in the rural area east of Gallup, according to the Washington Post.

The Star Tribune reported that the man was taken by ambulance to Gallup Indian Medical Center, which is where he was pronounced dead.

No identification has been found, according to the Washington Post.Sources:


St. Thomas Student from Woodbury Dies in House Fire in St. Paul

A University of St. Thomas student was killed in a house fire in St. Paul early Saturday morning.

Michael Adam Larson, 20, of Woodbury, who was a sophomore at St. Thomas, died at 3 a.m. Saturday in the fire that occurred at Selby Ave., according to the Star Tribune.

Several Twin Cities media outlets told the Woodbury Bulletin that Larson was asleep on the couch when the fire started.

The Star Tribune reported that three others who were in the house at the time of the fire-two of them roommates and the other a girlfriend of one-jumped from a window of the second story of the house to escape.

St. Paul Fire Marshal Steve Zaccard told the Star Tribune that the fire started on the enclosed porch of the house, but an official cause has not been determined. However, the cause is not believed to be suspicious.


Metrodome Roof Rips and Collapses due to Winter Storm

Snow and high winds ripped and deflated the Metrodome roof Sunday morning, the fourth time this has occurred since the Metrodome was built 28 years ago.

The roof of the Metrodome gave way at 5 a.m. on Sunday when three panels ripped under the weight of more than 24 inches of snow, according to the Star Tribune.
Fortunately, none were injured.

The Star Tribune reported that there was a Minnesota Vikings football game scheduled on Sunday against the New York Giants, and an estimated 64,000 ticket holders were expected at the game. Potential losses of revenue could be high, due to the fact that season ticket holders pay $30 to $150 a ticket and pay even more at concessions.

Instead of playing at the Metrodome, the Minnesota Vikings are scheduled to play at 6:20 p.m. Monday in Detroit's Dome, SB Nation reported.


There were a lot of different records used to produce the story about regulations in Texas that lead to a large amount of DWI fatalities. Reporter Jeremy Rogalski found out that the agency that is supposed to oversee and regulate the bars is instead focusing on taxes and other issues related to state revenue. Rogalski also found out about a law called "Safe Harbor," a program that gives bars immunity from civil and state penalties when they over-serve a drunk person, even if that leads to injuries or deaths associated with drunk driving. Rogalski needed to have computer skills to do this reporting, by getting information on the laws related to bars and how much they can serve. He also had to contact the agency that is in charge of regulating bars to get information from them. He also had to receive the different counties in Texas and their DWI rates and information on the regulations of the bars in counties in Texas.


Villagers Evacuate as Volcano Erupts in Ecuador

The Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador is billowing ash into the sky and sending hot pyroclastic flows downwards, causing people in nearby villages to evacuate.

According to Sify News, explosions from the 16,000-ft. volcano had rattled villages from over 8 miles away.

Hugo Yepez told the Star Tribune that no one has been injured nor have any villages been damaged yet.

In 2006, a volcanic eruption buried villages and killed at least four people, according to the Star Tribune