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Obama calls for longer school year

President Barack Obama issued a message to teachers and students on Monday that their school year should be longer.

According to the Star Tribune, Obama also wants poorly performing teachers to be fired if they do not improve.

American students are falling behind academically compared to their foreign counterparts, especially in science and math, reported the Star Tribune.

Obama told the Star Tribune that an extra month of schooling makes a difference because students won't lose as much knowledge over the summer.

The president also called for two major changes in education, according to KETK News.


Segway owner dead after falling off cliff

Jimi Heselden, the 62-year-old owner of the Segway company, was found dead in a river near Leeds, northern England, on Sunday.

West Yorkshire police told WCCO News that Heselden was pronounced dead at the scene. A Segway scooter was found nearby.

A family spokesman told Reuters that there is no reason to think that this was anything other than an accident.

Heselden left school at the age of 15 and became a wealthy businessman, donating millions of pounds to charity, Reuters reported.

According to the Star Tribune, Heselden bought control of the Segway company in December.


13 Polish tourists killed in car-bus collision

A Polish tour bus collided with a car and then crashed into a bridge in southeast Berlin on Sunday, killing 13 and injurying several others.

All Headline News reports that 7 people are in serious condition, with 27 others slightly injured. 2 drivers and 47 passengers were on the bus.

A Polish embassy spokesperson reported to All Headline News that all victims were Polish nationals.

Arne Fuering, president of police in Frankfurt an der Oder, told The Guardian that authorities believe the bus crashed into a car merging onto the highway before hitting an overpass.

An investigation into the crash has been started, reports The Guardian.



There were many sources in a story by the Star Tribune about a 21-year-old man, Joe Anthony Rivera, who was shot to death in St. Paul
The main sources named were family members and police. Neighbors were also present in the story, telling the newspaper that they were awakened in the dark by two volleys of gunfire. Rivera's neighbor Charles Schultz told the newspaper that the gunshots "sounded like a straight machine gun." Rivera's father also put emotion into the story at the end by saying, "I know he's in better hands."
The sources are scattered throughout the story. There is more information about the attack and about Rivera's family in the middle of the story, followed by quotes by his family and friends. The information is from people.
The reporter sets up the sources by having an emotional paragraph about a family grieving one of its members, and then tells us more about what actually happened. I believe this was effective because it brings more emotion into the story.

Most Americans not eating enough vegetables

Most Americans still don't eat vegetables often enough, according to a new government report released on Thursday.

Only about 26 percent of American adults eat vegetables three or more times a day, according to a survey by the Center for Disease Control reported to the Washington Post.

According to the New York Times, the baby-carrot industry is trying to portray its product as junk food. Efforts such as these are aimed at getting America to eat enough vegetables.

Americans want taste, convenience, and low cost before they want health, Harry Balzer, the chief industry analyst for the NPD, a market research company, told the New York Times.

The Washington Post reports that health officials have been trying to promote fruits and vegetables as a healthy alternative to fatty foods. The goal is to reduce obesity and other health problems related to bad diets.


Officials investigating crimes at U of M fraternity house

The U of M Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity is under investigation from its international office after a woman was sexually assaulted and at least one man was robbed on separate nights this weekend.

A 20-year-old woman not affiliated with the University was sexually molested in a DKE bathroom at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday. On Sunday at 1:30 a.m., at least one man was robbed in the basement of the same house, the Minnesota Daily reported.

Doug Lanpher, executive director of the parent organization, told the Star Tribune that the office has instructed that no events will be allowed until investigation is complete.

Arden Yundt, a University of Minnesota student and chapter spokesman, told the Star Tribune that the suspects were not members of Delta Kappa Epsilon, and police believe this as well.

The events will be investigated by the University of Minnesota Office for Fraternity and Sorority Life to determine possible consequences for the fraternity, OFSL coordinator Chad Ellsworth reported to the Minnesota Daily.


Governor Pawlenty tells flood victims that help is on its way

On Sunday afternoon, Governor Tim Pawenty toured flooded areas in the Zumbro River Valley in southeastern Minnesota to assure victims that aid is coming soon.

After visiting the flood-damaged river towns of of Hammond and Zumbro falls, Pawlenty said he will meet with legislative leaders early Monday to decide when to hold a meeting to address the flood damage, the Star Tribune reported.

Doug Neville, Department of Public Safety spokesman, told WCCO news that Sunday's visits to the towns will give residents a chance to retrieve possessions they need, such as medication or clothing.

WCCO reports that communities in Carver county are preparing for possible flooding from the Mississippi River in the coming days.

According to the Star Tribune, 96 soldiers from the National Guard are assisting security and traffic control across southern Minnesota.


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