Metrodome Roof Rips and Collapses due to Winter Storm

Snow and high winds ripped and deflated the Metrodome roof Sunday morning, the fourth time this has occurred since the Metrodome was built 28 years ago.

The roof of the Metrodome gave way at 5 a.m. on Sunday when three panels ripped under the weight of more than 24 inches of snow, according to the Star Tribune.
Fortunately, none were injured.

The Star Tribune reported that there was a Minnesota Vikings football game scheduled on Sunday against the New York Giants, and an estimated 64,000 ticket holders were expected at the game. Potential losses of revenue could be high, due to the fact that season ticket holders pay $30 to $150 a ticket and pay even more at concessions.

Instead of playing at the Metrodome, the Minnesota Vikings are scheduled to play at 6:20 p.m. Monday in Detroit's Dome, SB Nation reported.

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