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Don't send gifts to me via UPS

Why are people in brown shirts always ruining the world?

Early this week, I bought myself some birthday presents on Amazon.com. I wanted them for the weekend, so I sprang for the two-day UPS air shipping, with a scheduled delivery of Friday (today).

I came home to find two slips from them on the door of my building (one only had the first initial of my first name for some reason), saying they needed me to sign for the package in person, even though it's just a bunch of CDs. But I can't do that when I'm not home, and like most people I'm not home during the business day. According to the little slips, the next time they'll attempt delivery will be while I'm in a meeting on Monday - they can't come on Saturdays because there's a good chance I might not be at work that day and then they'd have to deliver it. Now I'll probably have to find a way to get to their headquarters by bus.

Next time I'll use the Postal Service. Even a turnaround of 5-8 days may well be faster than however long it will take me to get this package next week. And the USPS is more than happy to leave a box next to my mailbox inside the building - sometimes I'll even find one right outside the door to my room.

My favorite part is what it says on the website if I try to track my shipment: "Your package has experienced an exception."