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Objet trouvé, de mon courriel

I don't know what you've been telling them, but I seem to get a lot of advertisements for the same product in my e-mail. [Warning: not work-safe]

This one is just too good to miss, though. Somewhere, a chubby, pasty-faced dork is patting himself on the back (or something) not just because he came up with this gem, but because he got paid for it too.

Here it is, in all its simplistic-but-strict-metric-and-rhyming-pattern glory (hyperlinks removed).

Let her flower blossom with passion
By Cathy N. Lyon (Cathy@rccl.com)
Received from 125-27-107-199.adsl.totbb.net
Tue, 06 Nov 2007 13:55:24 +0700
To Wilma N. Yoder

At last you've found a girl that's hot
You wanna plough her moistened twat.
She's full of passion, she's so nice!
But would your penile size suffice?
Not sure she will wish for more?
You need a dong she would adore!
But how to grow it long and thick?
Your only chance is MegaDik!
You'll get so wanted super-size
And see great pleasure in her eyes!
Your rod will slam her poon so deep,
Tonight you'll hardly fall asleep!
So try today this wonder-pi'll
And change your life at your own will!


Do you accept guest posts? I would love to write couple articles here.

Sometimes less is more. Really.

Pourquoi usez-vous le mot "courriel" pour "email"? Je pense que certainment seulement les gens francophones de Canada usent "courriel."