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Are you a specialist or a generalist?

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During Amy Phenix's talk at our September 15 program, she asked the audience if they felt they were generalists or specialists. The majority raised their hand for generalist.
Amy then went on to suggest that future reorganizing of communications at the U may favor specialists. It remains to be seen where this all will go, but in the meantime, let's ask the question again of our blog readers.

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On one hand, I like being a generalist because it makes my work so varied and interesting. I'm an "editor," but there are days I'm a front end developer, a video editor, a photographer, an event planner, a trainer, and a copywriter, too. If I don't know how to do something (*cough* javascript *cough*), I just have to learn it--quick--because there's no one else.

On the other hand, being a specialist sounds like it would be lovely. I could spend more time developing a few skills deeply, rather than developing a whole bunch of skills shallowly.

Although, which do you think would make me most marketable?

A good discussion - thank you!

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