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Multimedia Analysis

The New York TImes multimedia site offers a lot of different things. It offers different blogs, maps, pictures, video, and interactive stories. The Chicago Tribune's page is very similar offering photos, blogs, and videos. The move news stories along and take the main points and show them along with visuals. They make the story more active and it helps you know whats going on better. The writing is short and concise and gets to the main points of the story. It goes along with the pictures that it accompanies.

Carmelo Anthony Traded to the Knicks in Blockbuster Deal

NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony was finally traded to the knicks Monday after months of speculation about where he would go.
In this blockbuster trade the New York Knicks will receive: Carmelo Anthony, Cauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter, and Renaldo Balkman. In return the Denver Nuggets receive: Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Galinari, Timofey Mozgov, a 2014 first-round draft pick, and additional picks and cash, according to ESPN.
The Knicks are also sending Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Corey Brewer, according to Sports Illustrated.
Carmelo has been in trade talks with multiple teams this season. Most reacently he was looking to go to the New Jersey Nets but those talks fell through.
Carmelo joins superstar Amare Staudemire and the two provide a solid one two punch and may compete in the Eastern Conference.

Minnesota Officials are preparing for Spring Floods

Gov. Dayton says that the state has been quickly preparing for this springs possibly historic flooding.
The metro area has received 74.9 inches of snow this winter, according to Star Tribune.
Dayton planned to take part in several flood prevention events, according to the Pioneer Press.
Dayton has planned many flood meetings and conference calls with South Dakota and North Dakota officials.
Dayton said he feels personally responsible for flood prevention.

Police get Suspect in large Copper Theft

St. Paul police arrested a man that they believe is responsible for recent copper thefts, and they say he had 1,000 pounds of copper.
The 1,000 pounds of copper was reportedly from a vacant building that is being rehabilitated for the new light reail line, according to the Pioneer Press.
The man in question who is 53 years old and from St. Paul, has not yet been charged, according to the Star Tribune.
Copper is a valuable metal. It is currently selling for between $3.15 and $3.25 per pound.
Copper wiring was reportedly stolen from boxes in the basement.
Police are not looking for any more suspects.

Rahm Emanuel to Become Chicago's new Mayor

Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff for President Obama, will become Chicago's new mayor in May.
Emanuel will become Chicago's new mayor in 22 years. Chicago has been under the leadership of Richard M. Daley for the past 22 years, according the New York Times.
Emanuel coasted to victory over Gery Chico winning 55% of the vote, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Since Daley did not put his name on the ballot this was Chicago's first mayoral race without an incumbent in 60 years.
Emanuel will be sworn in on May 16.

Rescuers race to find Survivors of New Zealand Earthquake

New Zealand rescuers keep searching for earthquake survivors as 300 people remain missing one day after an earthquake has already killed 75 people.
Rescuers are in a frenzy to find survivors of the earthquake that rocked the town of Christchurch, according to the Los Angeles Times. This was the largest earthquake registered in the country in 80 years.
Hope for finding survivors has been fading until they started searching near a collapsed six-story building where there there could be as many as 100 people trapped, according to the New York Times.
Rescue teams from Japan have arrived on the scene, where there is believed to be as many as 11 Japanese students trapped.
The last survivor who was rescued was found on Wednesday afternoon in New Zealand.

Spot Follow Analysis

The stories about Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigning have been updated many times since it actually happened. The story I found is from when he actually resigned. The lead basically states that he resigned agave vague reasons for it and reprocussions from it. The next day there was a story about how other world leaders reacted to the resignation. The lead was about that and it was more reactionary than the first day story. The news in the first story was summarized by talking about the resignation and the second story by talking about the reaction of th leaders. The second story talked about how the people were dealing with the nes and that they were celebrating. It also said how the country should handle it and how to move forward.

Pujols and Cardinals to resume Contract talks after Season

Albert Pujols' self imposed deadline to sign a new contract with the St. Louis Cardinals passed on Wednesday so they will wait until the end of the season to resume negotiations.
The three time MVP wants to have the richest contract in MLB history, which has caused tension between him and the Cardinals, who are trying to get the best value for him, according to ESPN.
The contract that Pujols wants is 10 years and $300 million, which would be the largest contract in league history, according to Sports Illustrated.
The 31 year old slugger is a nine time all-star and three time MVP. The 10 year contract would end when he is 42 years old, which is fairly old for baseball. The length is one of the things the Cardinals don't like about Pujols' preferred contract.

Expect 12 inches of snow Sunday

Weathermen are forecasting a possible foot of snow Sunday and near blizzard conditions.
The snow is expected to begin Saturday night, go through Sunday, and finally cease sometime Monday morning, according to the href="http://www.startribune.com/local/116528438.html">Star Tribune.
A winter storm warning has been issued from 6 a.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. on Monday, according to the Pioneer Press.
This has already been one of the snowiest winters on record for the state of Minnesota. Also to accompany the snow, expect strong winds at about 15-30 mph.

12-Year-Old boy Dies in Skiing Accident

A Wisconsin boy died Friday after a skiing accident at Duluth's Spirite Mountain.
The boy was skiing with his church group when he was found on the ground with apparent trauma, according to the Star Tribune.
The boy was from Grantsburg, Wisconsin, but his name was not released, according to the Pioneer Press.
Authorities say that the death seemed to be an accident and the boy may have been alone at the time of the accident.

GOP- Led House Votes to cut $60 billion

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Saturday to cut more than $60 billion from the federal budget over the next several months.
Many of the cuts will come from domestic programs, foreign aid, and military projects according to the New York Times.
This vote sets up a clash with the Democrate led Senate and President Obama who have already said the bill was extreme, according to the Los Angeles Times.
If the two sides do not come to agreement on federal spending, funds for the government would expire on March 4th and a total government shutdown could occur within a week or two of that.

18 Dead after Attack at Afghan Bank

An insurgent attack on a bank in the city of Jalalabad left 18 people dead and 70 wounded on Saturday.
The attackers who had explosives started a gun fight with the soldiers and police officers who were waiting in line at the bank, reports the New York Times.
There were seven suicide bombers, five of which were killed in the fight.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for the incident saying they were targeting Afghan police that use the bank, according to the Los Angelese Times.
This is just the latest of several recent insurgent attacks.

Structure Analysis

The reporter who wrote the article, "Hosni Mubarak Resigns, Military Takes Control in Egypt" did a good job of ordering his information. He placed the most important news about Mubarack's resignation right away in the lead.
He used the inverted pyramid style and put the most important news first. It was very effective because the most important news is first. He could have done it chronologically but then he would have buried the news about the resignation in the middle of the article. Overall it was a well structured article.

Lady Gaga Arrives at Grammys in Giant Egg

The controversial peformer Lady Gaga arrived on the red carpet at Sunday night's Grammy Awards.
According to Reuters this is just the lates crazy outfit that the 24-year-old singer has worn. She showed up to the MTV Music Video Awards in a dress made entirely out of meat.
Gaga was enclosed in the egg and carried by several men, according to Yahoo News.
Gaga is expected to perform her new single "Born this Way" on stage at the Grammys.

Como Park to add Wooded Classroom

St. Paul's Como Park will begin to turn a 17.75 acre wooded area into the Como Woodland Outdoor Classroom.
St. Paul received a $218,000 grant from the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust fund for the project, according to the Pioneer Press
The grant will also be used to develop six study areas representing six Minnesota plant comunities according to the Star Tribune.
Conservation Corps Minnesota will begin to remove invasive trees this month.

93-year old Couple Dies in House Fire.

A 93-year old Ham Lake couple died in a house fire on Friday.
The bodies of Walte and Helen Ehrnreiter were found in the remains of their home after a housefire was reported hours earlier, according to the Star Tribune
Neighbors remembered the couple as energetic, and as a couple that did everything together, according to the Pioneer Press..
"They were the perfect team", a neighbor said. "They were exact opposites which made them perfect for eachother."

President Obama will propose $1.1 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years in 2012 budget.
These large cuts will focus mostly on domestic spending, including cuts to community-development projects and a federal pay freeze, according to the Los Angelese Times
These cuts could help stabilize the nation's economy and buy time to address more long term issues, according to the New York Times
These cuts would be set to begin October 1st of this year. Reportedly Republicans are planning $100 billion in cuts in this fiscal year alone.

Egyptian President Mubarak Steps Down

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned on Friday.
The resignation came less than a day after Mubarak gave a speech in which he said that he would not resign, according to the Los Angeles Times
After 18 days of protesting the people finally got what they wanted, einding Mubarak's 30-year reign of power, according to the New York Times
This happened after a huge demonstration in Tahrir Square. After his resignation more than 20,000 protestors gathered to celebrate...

Packers Win Super Bowl XLV

The Green Bay Packers Beat the Pittsburg Steelers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV Sunday.
Quarterback Aaron Rodgers went 24-39 with 304 yards and three touchdowns en route to winning the MVP award, according to ESPN
The Packers got out to an early lead and never trailed in the game. This was Green Bay's first championship since 1996 and fourth overall, according to NFL.com.

Attribution Analysis

The New York TImes article about Egypt has many different sources. They range from Hilary Clinton to Amid Hamzaway, a member of the committe of Wise men. For the most part only the prominent sources are nemed. The quotes are spread out throughout the entire article. There is usually one or less per paragraph. The author f the article usually put the quote first followed by "said the source." It is effective because you know who says what. It if very straightforward and not confusing.

Egypt Leaders Resign, Mubarak Remains

Some of the top leaders in Egypt's ruling party, the NAtional Democratic Party, resigned Saturday.
These leaders, which include President Mubarak's son Gamal, resigned as the party struggled to hold onto power while convincing Egyptians that they wereinitiating change, according th the Los Angeles Times
.Protestors rejected these attempted changes and promised to keep up their protests until President Mubarak resigned, according to the New York Times.
Mubarack said that he must stay in office until his term is up.

Tuscon Shooter will Face Federal Charges First

The man who was carged in the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will face federal charges before he is prosecuted for state charges involving the death of six others, authorities said.
Jared Lee Loughner, 22, is being charged with one count of attempted assasination, and two of attempted murder. He halso faces charges for the death of a federal judge and another federal employee. These charges could carry the death penalty, according to the Chicago Tribune
Loughner is being held in a federal jail in Phoenix. There are conflicts in jurisdiction but they are trying to be resolved, according to the New York Times.

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