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Numbers Analysis

"An older Generation Falls Prey to Eating Disorders." The reporter used numbers to express how many people have an eating disorder, and ratios to men and women. The numbers are not overwhelming because there are not that many and they do not dominate the story. The reporter did not use math in the story but did break down the ratio of men to women who have eating disorders in the certain generation. The sources are listed well and they got the numbers from an expert at an Eating Disorder Program at the University of North Carolina.

MLB Institutes new Seven-Day DL for Concussions

Major League Baseball has instituted a new seven day DL for players dealing with concussions on Monday in hopes of stopping players from returning too soon.
It is the latest in a seris of moves by professional sports associations to take precautions when dealing with head injuries, which trainers and doctors are only beginning to understand, according to ESPN.
There are already 15 day and 60 day disabled lists, and all players who need more than 14 days to recover will automatically be placed on the 15 day DL.
The NFL has already taken precautions on head injuries by heavily fining and threatening to suspend players for dangerous hits, according to Sports Illustrated.
Many of the players are in favor and support this new DL, saying that its helpful and shows that officials care about player safety.

A former Cretin- Derham Hall teacher was sentenced for sexual misconduct with a 16 year old boy on Monday.
Gail Gagne was sentenced to two years probation and must register as a sex offender, according to the Pioneer Press.
Gagne had already admitted to having sex with a student in 2008.
The boy was not at the sentencing while his family was, saying that they are "holding the dirty laundry of the defendant's self serving actions," according to the Star Tribune.
Gagne lost her job after the incident and is no longer allowed to teach. Gagne was hired by the school in 2007 and became a full time teacher in 2008. She engaged in sexual conduct with the boy from July 1 to Sept. 1 of 2008 and again from Sept.13-14 of 2008.

17 named in St. John's Sex-Abuse Case

The identities of 17 monks who have faced allegations of sex abuse or misconduct or other misconduct were made public on Monday.
This is a break in secrecy that has surrounded most Minnesota clegy abuse cases.
The alleged abuse ranged from 1960-2004, and the accused clergy all taught at the St. John's Prep. School or were assigned to parishes, according to the Pioneer Press.
Nine men who had filed lawsuits claming sexual abuse from the monks settled with St. John's Abbey.
Of the 17 clergy, four are dead, three are no longer at St. John's, and 10 live at the abbey under supervision and constraints, according to the Pioneer Press.
None of the monks have been criminally charged.

Democrats in Indiana Return, Ending Six week Protest

House Democrats returned to the Capitol on Monday nearly five weeks after fleeing the state in protest of school vouchers and union rights.
Democrats said they returned because Republicans decided to make major concessions to legislation, while Republicans said the concessions were minor, according to the New York Times.
"We're coming back after softening the radical agenda," said Minority Leader Patrick Bauer.
Republicans vowed throughout the protest that they wouldn't remove anything from the agenda, according to the Los Angeles Times.
All but three House Democrats fled to Illinios on Feb. 22 to keep Republicans from having a quorum.

Qaddafi Forces Counterattack against Libyan Rebels

A counterattack by Libyan government forces causes rebel forces to flee eastward on Tuesday.
It marks the second day of an effort by the government to defend the town of Surt, the birthplace of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi, according to the Los Angeles Times.
On Monday pro- Qaddafi fired missles and forced the frontline back.
American warplanes were active on Monday, firing on Libyan ships making sure that they didn't fire on merchant wessels, according to the New York TImes.
On Tuesday Qaddafi forces attacked Misurata from the perimiter, with tanks shooting randomly into the city.
With no formal leadership, the rebels struggled to hold off the advances of the government forces.

Obituary Analysis

John Mauer. It takes more of a feature lead. It gives more background and doesnt just state with the basics that most obituary leads have. Their main source was Mauer's brother and that was about it.It works because it gives some background and sheds light on his impact before it gets in the his identifying information. It differs from a resume because it doesn't just list his accomplishments, it gives a real background into his life.

Tennessee fired Basketball coach Bruce Pearl

The University of Tennessee has fired basketball coach Bruce Pearl on Monday after 6 years at the helm.
Pearl has been in the middle of a NCAA probe which found he has violated recruiting rules causing him to be suspended for and extended part of the team's conference schedule, according to ESPN.
This season Pearl lead his team to a sixth straight NCAA tournament in which it lost it's opening round game to Michigan 75-45. That poor performance was likely the last straw.
Pearl, who had a 145-61 record at Tennessee leaves the school as a popular coach, according to Sports Illustrated.
Pearl was known for his eccentric sideline behavior, and trademark orange suit.

Man Who Supplied Synthetic Drug Charged with Murder

A Blaine man was arrested Friday in connection with a mass drug overdose at a party that killed a 19-year-old Coon Rapids man and hospitalized 10 others.
Timothy R. Lamere, 21, was arrested on suspicion of third-degree murder for allegedley buying and supplying a synthetic hallucinogen to party goers on Wednesday at a house party in Blaine, according to the Pioneer Press.
The man who died was identified as 19-year-old Trevor Robinson of Coon Rapids. He reportedly snorted the drug, began screaming and punching the walls, then he stopped breathing, and died at a hospital hours later, according to the Star Tribune.
The drug is known as 2C-E and is a strong hallucinogen. Lamere isn't beingjailed but is under police custody.

Woman found dead, Likely cause is Hypothermia

A white Bear Lake woman was found dead in a Ramsey County field on Sunday.
The woman, 31-year-old Sonja Gail Smith, was found in a field early Sunday morning. Authorities have identified the likely cause of death as hypothermia, according to the Pioneer Press.
Smith was last seen at Don's Little Bar on Hoffman Road at 1:06 a.m. She ended up just a few blocks away from her home, according to the Star Tribune.
Authorities said she was probably taking a shortcut home from the bar when she was overcome by hypothermia.

Former Governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty, has filed paperwork on Monday to become a formal candidate for president.
Pawlenty is the first major Republican to put his name in the 2012 race, which looks to be a multi-candidate field against President Obama, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Posted on Pawlenty's facebook page is a video of him introducing himself as a candidate and says that he will focus in lifting the economy, creating jobs, and limiting intervention in business, according to the New York TImes.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has announced his interest in the presidency but has not yet formaly declared his candidacy.
Pawlenty has already established teams in Iowa and New Hampshire.
Other possible Republican candidates include: Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour.

Obama faces more Criticism after Libyan Air Strike

President Barack Obama has been facing more criticism from U.S. politicians and politicians from around the globe after the air strikes on Libya on Saturday.
Some have begun to wonder if the military actions taken in Libya was the wrong policy, or the right one but at the wrong time, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Some have also wondered what the real intent of the campaign. "We are not going after Qaddafi", Vice Adm. William E. Gortney said on Sunday. This was said to inform about the intent of the mission. Is it to protect the Libyan people from their government, or is it to take out Qaddafi, according to the New York TImes.
President Obama's objective which he stated two weeks ago was that Qaddafi "must leave."

Tressel Knew about Player Selling Gear months in Advance

Ohio St. football coach Jim Tressel was aware that some of his players had sold memorabilia in exchange for tattoos more than eight months before the school was informed about the improper transactions.
Tressel was notified in April 2010 that some of his player were selling jerseys and championship rings among other things to the owner of a local tattoo parlor, according to ESPN.
Five football players were suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season, but were allowed to play in the team's bowl game, according to Sports Illustrated.
If it is proven that Tressel knew about the rules violations and did not tell anyone, the school could face more NCAA sanctions.
The school is appealing to the NCAA that the suspensions be reduced.

Hikers find Human Skull in Minnehaha Park

A St. Paul family found the remains of a human skull while on a hike Sunday in Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.
The family spotted the obvious shape of a human skull and uncovered the skull in the mud near a creek. The family at first thought it was some sort of prank, according to the Star Tribune.
A forensic anthropologist is analyzing the skull and says it will take a while to determine the age, sex, and race of the skull, according to the Pioneer Press.
The site where the skull was found is not considered a crime scene. Finding bones in the area is not uncommon. Officials hope to learn the identity of the skull,but that could be very unlikely.
The only thing that is certain about the skull is that it is human.

3 shot outside Bloomington IHOP

Three people were injured in a shooting outside the International House Of Pancakes near the Mall of America Monday.
The shooting happend in the early morning in the IHOP parking lot. The three victims suffered injuries but will survive, according to the Star Tribune,
Police said the shooting happened after a bus of people showed up around 3 in the morning. Later a car pulled into the parking lot and multiple shots were fired, according to the Pioneer Press.
According to police it is evident that the shooters and the victims knew each other.
The party bus had returned from a night club. Some of the passengers were inside the building while others remained in the parking lot when the shooting happened.

Obama to Resume Military Trials for Guantanamo Detainees

President Obama has reversed his two-year-old order stopping new military charges against detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Monday.
He is now allowing military trials to resume with new procedures, somewhat addmitting the failure of his attempt to close Guantanamo Bay, according to the New York Times.
There are 170 military detainees at the prison now and more terrorism suspects are expected to be sent there in the near future, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Obama left it open that some detainees could be transferred to federal courts but all signs say that the prison will not be shut down in the near future as Obama had hoped.
Obama has set new procedures in hopes of furthering the fight against terrorism. He said the procedures broaden America's ability to bring terrorists to justice.

Gunman Kills 2 U.S. airmen at German Airport

Two U.S. airmen were killed while 2 other were injured when a gunman opened fire on their military bus at the Frankfurt airport Wednesday.
The soldiers were on their way to Afghanistan when a man began shooting their military bus, according to the New York Times.
The suspect is a 21-year-old who lives in Frankfurt. Police have charged him with murder, attempted murder, and have not ruled out terrorism.
The victims were U.S. military personel who were stationed at the Royal Air Force base in Lakenheath in Britain, according to the Los Angeles Times.
German police are still investigating whether the gunman was part of a terrorist plot.

Speech Analysis

I found an article in the New York Times about the U.S. House of Representatives voting on a health bill. The news report is much different than the agenda, or procedings. The news report focuses on one main event at the meeting. It constructs a whole story about one of the more newsworthy events during the meeting. The agenda just went through and showed what all happened at the meeting and when. It said who brought things up and what actually happened.
The reporter chose to key in one one of the major events during the house meeting. The reporter chose the health bill because it was one of the only really newsworthy topics that was brought up during the meeting.
The reporter even releated this small event to larger healthcare news. Saying that its hard to get any new health related bills passed since Obama's healthcare plan.

NFL and NFLPA agree on 7 day extension for CBA Talks

The NFL and the NFL Players Association agreed on Friday to extend the deadline for negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement by 7 days.
At first both sides agreed to a one day extension before the original deadline of Thursday at midnight, according to ESPN.
Even with this sign of agreement, most analysts still believe there will still be some form of a lock-out when to deadline passes.
With all of this up in the air, both sides have decided to take a break from negotiating for the weekend, accordiing to Sports Illustrated.
The sides will meet on Monday infront of a Federal mediator.

NFL and NFLPA agree on 7 day extension for CBA Talks

Sex offender asks Judge for Freedom

A chronic and violent sex offender faces 2 of his victims while asking for his release from a secure treatment center in St. Peter on Saturday.
John Rydberg, 69, has more than 90 sex offenses on his record and describes himself as a "recovering sex addict", according to the Star Tribune.
His release would be the first in the history of Minnesota's controversial sex offender program began in 1994.
Attorneys from Blue Earth County, where his last assault was from in 1979, arearguing against his release, according to the Pioneer Press.
Rydberg has been committed to several mental heal clinics, and he escaped from The Mendota Mental Health Institute in 1979.
Some attorneys feel that Rydberg is saying the same thigs ast he did 30 years ago.
The hearing is expected to resume on March 11.

Mother Arrested after Police Police find Baby in Snowbank

Minneapolis police have arrested the mother of an infant that they found in a snowbank on Saturday.
According to police the infant is less than a month old and was not dressed properly for winter conditons. She was taken to Hennepin County Medical center where her condition is improving, according to the Pioneer Press.
The baby has been released from the hospital to protective custody, according to the Star Tribune.
The 21-year-old mother has been arrested and is expected to face charges of child neglect and endangerment.
The mother was having a domestic dispute with a man. When he left she followed him and threw the baby into a snowbank. The man was also arrested.

Progress Being Made in Wisconsin Senate

Discussions between Gov. Scott Walker and Wisconsin State Senate Democrats who oppose his budget repair bill are now underway.
Some Democrats who left the state to protest and prevent a vote on the bill say that both sides are getting closer to a resolution, according to the New York TImes.
In the past Democrats have saidWalker has seemed to be more interested in changing the political dynamics in Wsconsin than being fiscally responsible, according to the Los Angeles Times.
Even when Gov. Walker began issuing layoff notices to unions leaders, the two sides seem to be getting closer than ever to an agreement.

Kadafi Continues deadly Assault on city of Zawiya

About 40 people died in the City of Zawiya on Saturday when Moammar Kadafi renewed his assault against the rebels.
The port city of Zawiya is located about 25 miles from Tripoli. Kadafi remains locked in battles with the rebellion all over the country, according to the Los Angelese Times.
The revolt, which started 18 days ago as loud civil demonstrations similar to those in Egypt has evolved into a deadly ground battle between the Libyan army and the rebels, according to the New York Times.
There have been increasingly heavy civilian casualties and it is not expected to stop any time soon.

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