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Records/CAR Analysis

The reporter had to get a lot of records and information for the story. They had to find how many teachers violated licensing rules. They also had to find what officials were doing about this.They had to find the nuber of waivers that were granted. Basically all of the info that they put in the story was found by looking at records.

Numbers Analysis

"An older Generation Falls Prey to Eating Disorders." The reporter used numbers to express how many people have an eating disorder, and ratios to men and women. The numbers are not overwhelming because there are not that many and they do not dominate the story. The reporter did not use math in the story but did break down the ratio of men to women who have eating disorders in the certain generation. The sources are listed well and they got the numbers from an expert at an Eating Disorder Program at the University of North Carolina.

Obituary Analysis

John Mauer. It takes more of a feature lead. It gives more background and doesnt just state with the basics that most obituary leads have. Their main source was Mauer's brother and that was about it.It works because it gives some background and sheds light on his impact before it gets in the his identifying information. It differs from a resume because it doesn't just list his accomplishments, it gives a real background into his life.

Speech Analysis

I found an article in the New York Times about the U.S. House of Representatives voting on a health bill. The news report is much different than the agenda, or procedings. The news report focuses on one main event at the meeting. It constructs a whole story about one of the more newsworthy events during the meeting. The agenda just went through and showed what all happened at the meeting and when. It said who brought things up and what actually happened.
The reporter chose to key in one one of the major events during the house meeting. The reporter chose the health bill because it was one of the only really newsworthy topics that was brought up during the meeting.
The reporter even releated this small event to larger healthcare news. Saying that its hard to get any new health related bills passed since Obama's healthcare plan.

Multimedia Analysis

The New York TImes multimedia site offers a lot of different things. It offers different blogs, maps, pictures, video, and interactive stories. The Chicago Tribune's page is very similar offering photos, blogs, and videos. The move news stories along and take the main points and show them along with visuals. They make the story more active and it helps you know whats going on better. The writing is short and concise and gets to the main points of the story. It goes along with the pictures that it accompanies.

Spot Follow Analysis

The stories about Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigning have been updated many times since it actually happened. The story I found is from when he actually resigned. The lead basically states that he resigned agave vague reasons for it and reprocussions from it. The next day there was a story about how other world leaders reacted to the resignation. The lead was about that and it was more reactionary than the first day story. The news in the first story was summarized by talking about the resignation and the second story by talking about the reaction of th leaders. The second story talked about how the people were dealing with the nes and that they were celebrating. It also said how the country should handle it and how to move forward.

Structure Analysis

The reporter who wrote the article, "Hosni Mubarak Resigns, Military Takes Control in Egypt" did a good job of ordering his information. He placed the most important news about Mubarack's resignation right away in the lead.
He used the inverted pyramid style and put the most important news first. It was very effective because the most important news is first. He could have done it chronologically but then he would have buried the news about the resignation in the middle of the article. Overall it was a well structured article.

Attribution Analysis

The New York TImes article about Egypt has many different sources. They range from Hilary Clinton to Amid Hamzaway, a member of the committe of Wise men. For the most part only the prominent sources are nemed. The quotes are spread out throughout the entire article. There is usually one or less per paragraph. The author f the article usually put the quote first followed by "said the source." It is effective because you know who says what. It if very straightforward and not confusing.

Leads Analysis

The lead was, "A person died early sunday after losing control of a vehicle while driving south on Hwy. 61 near Lower Afton Road in St. Paul, according to the Minnesota State Patrol".This lead uses most of the news elements including: who, what, where, when, and some of the why/how. The what is very general. It just says that a person died in a car accident. The when and where are very detailed. It says what highway it was on and what cross road the accident was close to. The reporter chose this approach because it is very basic and straight forward. It gives you all of the information that you really need to know in the first sentence of the story.

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