Winds of Change

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Three out of four residents do not have power south of Pasedena, California.

The Santa Ana winds wreaked havoc in California this past week, knocking over power lines, up-rooting trees and warranting 500 emergency calls to be placed.

"It is possibly one the biggest wind disasters of a generation," Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa told ABC News.

Footage from David Wright's report shows images of the aftermath that would be hard to imagine otherwise.

"I never in a million years, living here pushing 45, thought that I would see anything like this,"one Temple City resident, whom was not named on camera, said.

Cain Suspends Campaign

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Presidential candidate Herman Cain announced the supsension of his campaign Saturday.

In an even that was supposed to mark the grand opening of Cain's state headquarters in Georgia, Cain surprised supporters with his announcement.

"I'm suspending my campaign," Cain publicly announced, "Because of the continued distractions and continued hurt caused on me and my family."

Peter Alexander's report for MSNBC's Today Show highlights footage from the event and also includes analysis from David Gregory.

"His political support was hollowing out," Gregory said. "So yes, the personal became the political."

Beginning of the End

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Troops, tanks, and weapons have begun to make their way back to the United States.

By December 31 America will end its eight year war Iraq.

"It was very hard to get information, not impossible, but really hard," Anne Barrels NPR war correspondent said."We walked in to the bombing campaign pretty ignorant about the country."

The report weaves the narratives of a war correspondent and an American colonel together to give a broader view on the bombing campaign and the fall of Baghdad.

NPR has broken the war down into event-based segments that will make the topic easier to listen to and easier to understand.

Housing for the Homeless

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There is only one place in Dakota County that helps place 18-24-year-olds in permanent homes.

Lincoln Place houses 24 young adults and counsels them on educational and career goals.

"Where is your heart," Mindy Karris said to Liz Collin, "If you don't have a home?"

Even though there was a glitch in the beginning of the tape, the story brought to light an important issue.

Only 30 percent of need is met f all of the shelters in the Twin Cities are filled to capacity.

Sounds of the Art Hounds

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Black and white are two important colors in art, but local artists are spending time exploring the gray areas.

Chris Robert's theatrical lead for "Art Hounds" pulls the listener in as a thespian reads the first line, and his three interviewees read the following three lines.

"I think you're gonna get pulled into the this romance that is sort of funny and surreal," Lily Troia, the founder of the Invisible Button, said. "Yet, it gets you questioning morality and choices."

Roberts takes stand out quotes from each of his interviewees and ties their narratives together through the use of music.

The goal of Art Hounds to get people interested in what is out there, and I think that it doesn't get more interesting than a story that features a graphic artist, an accordian player, and a play called "How to Cheat."

Fatality at Yale Tailgate Crash

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One woman is dead and two others injured by a U-Haul truck while tailgating at Yale.

The U-Haul suddenly accelerated and sped into a field where it then hit other U-Hauls in the lot.

The U-Haul was carrying kegs of beer, according to a report from MSNBC.

It is not uncommon for fans to rent U-Hauls and fill them with food and beer and create elaborate buffets.

Spectators observed a moment of silence during the Yale vs. Harvard game that followed the accident.

Age Isn't A Factor in a Math Whiz's Equation

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At St. Paul's Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet School nearly half of the students are placed in math courses that are one or two grade levels above their peers, however, there is one elementary-aged student who is taking courses at a high school level.

Mani Chadaga, a third-grader, walks up the stairs from the elementary part of the building into the middle school division to take Geometry and Algebra II.

When Mani started taking courses upstairs he slouched in his seat and tried to blend in while casually reading his textbook, according to the Pioneer Press.

It didn't take long for this shyness to change.

"He literally taught the rest of them the entire problem," Alex Ford, Mani's math teacher, told the Pioneer Press. "He could stand in front of a room full of eighth graders and describe the solution to problems with poise and confidence and perfect mathematical reasoning."

Fulton Brewery

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From a one-car garage to downtown Minneapolis, Fulton Brewery becomes the first brewery in the city with the ability to sell beer on-site.

The co-founders of Fulton had humble beginnings hopping from garage to garage huddling for warmth over the beers they were brewing.

The "Surly Bill," which was signed by Gov. Mark Dayton,will allow other breweries to move their operations into the Minneapolis city limits.

Councilman Gary Schiff plans to eliminate an old ordinance that prevents alcohol from being sold within 300 feet of a church, according to the Minnesota Daily.

"It's bringing our dream to fruition in a way," Diley told the Minnesota Daily. "We always said we wanted to build a brewery in Minneapolis."

Clashes in Cairo

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Violence erupted between mobs of protestors and security forces leaving two killed and over 600 injured.

The Boston Globe set the scene with strong images of protestors hurling stones and setting armored vehicles ablaze.

BBC paints a similar picture, but with much milder words, saying that protestors lobbed rocks and set police vehicles on fire.

However, both reports cover the actions of the police force in a similar light.

"They were shooting rubber bullets directly at the heads," Malek Mostafa, a protestor told the Associated Press. "I heard an officer order his soldiers to aim for the head."

Factory Farms

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Sparboe farms fired all employees seen in a hidden-camera video taken by animal rights activists.

Mercy for Animals released footage of employees swinging chickens by their feet, burning beaks, and suffocating the animals.

The footage from Mercy for Animals was played by ABC News Sparboe Farms invited ABC to the facilities for a one hour tour, in which, the conditions appeared to much different.

However, McDonalds has vowed not to purchase eggs from Sparboe farms anymore.

The written and broadcast reports have brought attention to the commercial farming industry and called their practices into question.

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