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Teen pleads guilty to biting mayor

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An 18-year-old man was sentenced to 34 months in jail after being convicted of trying to rob the Hibbing, Minn., mayor and biting his eyebrow.

The Associated Press reports that Thunder Cloud Rodriguez pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted aggravated robbery and fifth degree felony assault.

According to the Associated Press, Rodriguez and two others demanded money from Mayor Rick Cannata. Rodriguez struck the mayor and fled when he heard police, but Cannata chased him down the block and where he was bit by Rodriquez.

The Hibbing Daily Tribune reports that this altercation happened in May.

One of the other defendants was sentenced to 44 months in jail, according to the Associated Press, but court proceedings for the remaining suspect are ongoing.

Fatal shooting at Minneapolis house party

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A man was fatally shot at a house party in the 3000 block of Pleasant Avenue South Sunday evening.

WCCO reports that police officers arrived at the scene to find a man gun shot wounds in the company of more than 10 adults and several children.

Police reports did not release the victim's name, but two relatives identified the victim to the Star Tribune as Francisco Hernandez.

Hernandez, 21, was alive when officers arrived, but died at the scene according to WCCO's report.

Police took a suspect into custody, but due to a language barrier, the police are unclear of what led to the shooting.

24-year-old man fatally shot in St. Paul

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A 24-year-old St. Paul man was fatally shot one year after being released from prison.

A witness, who wished to remain unnamed for safety reasons, told the Star Tribune that she saw a car speed down the street, stop at the corner where the front seat passenger exited the car and fired five shots at Dekoda M. Galtney.

Court records show that Galtney plead guilty to third-degree riot for the benefit of a gang and was convicted for aggravated robbery, illegal gun possession, and two counts of crimes benefitting a gang.

Galtney's sister, Erica Stevenson, told the Star Tribune that Galtney took up cosmetology in prison. "He used his time to focus and get his life together," Stevenson said.

Kare 11 reports that a suspect was arrested and booked at the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center the next morning.

Papa John's fire: Domino's managers arrested

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Two Domino's managers were charged with arson after setting a rival pizzeria, Papa John's, ablaze in Lake City, Fla.

Bryan David Sullivan, 21, and Sean Everett Davidson, 23, both of Lake City, were charged for starting the Oct. 20 fire. According to Fox News both men confessed and were booked in the county jail.

According to the Star-Banner of Ocala, police reported that the men's motive was to increase business at their pizza store.

The Lake City Reporter reports that the two men built an ignition device using a battery, gunpowder, and a small kitchen clock, but an accelerant was used to start the fire when the homemade device did not work.

Sullivan told police that he set fire so Papa John's would go out of business and sales at Dominos increase. The fire destroyed the Papa John's location.

Under a new succession law, male and female heirs will have an equal right to the throne in the United Kingdom.

The new law would allow the eldest child, regardless of gender, to inherit the throne and to marry a person of the Catholic faith. According to CNN, this change was unanimously agreed upon by 16 countries at a Commonwealth of Nations summit in Australia. However, each government must ratify these changes nationally.

"Attitudes have changed fundamentally over the centuries," British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a televised address. "And outdated rules should evolve with them."

Discovery News reports that debates on succession rights grew before the wedding of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton, but the opposition decreased as the monarchy's popularity increased.

This law would affect any future children that the pair might have. "Put simply," Prime Minister Cameron said. "If the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to have a little girl, that girl would one day be our queen."

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