Age Isn't A Factor in a Math Whiz's Equation

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At St. Paul's Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented Magnet School nearly half of the students are placed in math courses that are one or two grade levels above their peers, however, there is one elementary-aged student who is taking courses at a high school level.

Mani Chadaga, a third-grader, walks up the stairs from the elementary part of the building into the middle school division to take Geometry and Algebra II.

When Mani started taking courses upstairs he slouched in his seat and tried to blend in while casually reading his textbook, according to the Pioneer Press.

It didn't take long for this shyness to change.

"He literally taught the rest of them the entire problem," Alex Ford, Mani's math teacher, told the Pioneer Press. "He could stand in front of a room full of eighth graders and describe the solution to problems with poise and confidence and perfect mathematical reasoning."

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