Sounds of the Art Hounds

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Black and white are two important colors in art, but local artists are spending time exploring the gray areas.

Chris Robert's theatrical lead for "Art Hounds" pulls the listener in as a thespian reads the first line, and his three interviewees read the following three lines.

"I think you're gonna get pulled into the this romance that is sort of funny and surreal," Lily Troia, the founder of the Invisible Button, said. "Yet, it gets you questioning morality and choices."

Roberts takes stand out quotes from each of his interviewees and ties their narratives together through the use of music.

The goal of Art Hounds to get people interested in what is out there, and I think that it doesn't get more interesting than a story that features a graphic artist, an accordian player, and a play called "How to Cheat."

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