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Cain Suspends Campaign

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Presidential candidate Herman Cain announced the supsension of his campaign Saturday.

In an even that was supposed to mark the grand opening of Cain's state headquarters in Georgia, Cain surprised supporters with his announcement.

"I'm suspending my campaign," Cain publicly announced, "Because of the continued distractions and continued hurt caused on me and my family."

Peter Alexander's report for MSNBC's Today Show highlights footage from the event and also includes analysis from David Gregory.

"His political support was hollowing out," Gregory said. "So yes, the personal became the political."

Factory Farms

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Sparboe farms fired all employees seen in a hidden-camera video taken by animal rights activists.

Mercy for Animals released footage of employees swinging chickens by their feet, burning beaks, and suffocating the animals.

The footage from Mercy for Animals was played by ABC News Sparboe Farms invited ABC to the facilities for a one hour tour, in which, the conditions appeared to much different.

However, McDonalds has vowed not to purchase eggs from Sparboe farms anymore.

The written and broadcast reports have brought attention to the commercial farming industry and called their practices into question.


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The day of the perfect palindrome, 11/11/11, had 75,000 couples lining up at the altar.

CNN broke down the statistics from the number centric day in a palatable manner.

The article contextualizes the 80 weddings for 11/11/11 that the Chapel of Flowers had planned by comparing it to their average of about 20 weddings per day.

The Chicago Tribune let a statics professor take the reigns in explaining the significance, or lack of, for the date.

Though both papers did a good job of breaking down their numbers, there was no hope of breaking down the wishful thinking of those celebrating 11/11/11.

Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, died at the age of 56 in his home.

Jobs, best recognized as the face of Apple, was worth billions of dollars at the time of his death, but he came from humble beginnings.

Jobs was given up for adoption as a child. Chrisann Brennan, Job's first serious girlfriend, wrote in Rolling Stone that the insecurities and taunts about being adopted wore on Jobs.

Feeling like an outsider for most of his life, Jobs took refuge with Apple as a stand-in family, but his abrasive personality got him booted out in a vote from the board. His replacement, John Sculley, was a friend of Jobs', but in an interview with Businessweek, Sculley said that their friendship didn't survive this change.

Steve Jobs was a visionary, but he was human. Andy Hertzfeld, a Mac programmer, described him to Rolling Stone, "Steve simultanewously has the best and worst qualities of a human being."

Papa John's fire: Domino's managers arrested

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Two Domino's managers were charged with arson after setting a rival pizzeria, Papa John's, ablaze in Lake City, Fla.

Bryan David Sullivan, 21, and Sean Everett Davidson, 23, both of Lake City, were charged for starting the Oct. 20 fire. According to Fox News both men confessed and were booked in the county jail.

According to the Star-Banner of Ocala, police reported that the men's motive was to increase business at their pizza store.

The Lake City Reporter reports that the two men built an ignition device using a battery, gunpowder, and a small kitchen clock, but an accelerant was used to start the fire when the homemade device did not work.

Sullivan told police that he set fire so Papa John's would go out of business and sales at Dominos increase. The fire destroyed the Papa John's location.

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