Conversation Between Durkheim and Addams

Setting: The Hull-House has just been created and Durkheim is dabbling in his theories about the division of labor. He has come to the Hull-House to discuss with Addams the nature of the Hull-House and to brainstorm ideas with her.

Durkheim: Congratulations on your efforts in creating a sense of individual and community cohesion.
Jane: Thank you, I see so much injustice within the industrialization of Chicago and so many people are being taken advantage of by the system.
D: Yes this is a common problem among complex industrialized nations. However, it is a necessary evil.
J: Yes it is a part of the developmental process but we also feel that regulation needs to be a part of it in order to better serve the community as a whole.
D: I have noticed an emphasis in many nations on the good of the society as a whole. Many people feel connected by common experiences and struggles.
J: This is true, but in my hands on encounters with the lower classes of Chicago, I have seen people alienated from society if they are not the same or hold different values. What would you have to say about that?
By Emma F. Krystal and Bop

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