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Files for Februay 2 class

Hello students of CI 5672!

In this latest entry have uploaded four files for you to download and print out, if desired, at your convenience. I believe you will simply need to copy and past the URL into your Internet search program, but first remove the text around the URL. At the beginning, remove the text in front of http, and at the end remove all the text after .doc
And voilà the file should download and become available to you. It may take a bit of time to download, so be patient. But I got it to work for me. Let's hope it works for you as planned. If not, we'll try again!

See you soon, Tara

Immersion Unit and Lesson Framework for Curriculum Development Download Immersion Unit and Lesson Framework

CI5672 Participant Roster Download Participant roster

Written Text Analysis for oruga lesson - completed Download Written text analysis

Oral Text Analysis Form Download Oral Text Analysis


You don't need to go through the library system and log on to access Tara's blog! You just need to type the URL (blog.lib.umn.edu/fortu001/fortune) and go!

Hi Tara,
I made it on to the blog site and succeeded in downloading the available info. I hope my future technological endeavors go as smoothly.