July 14, 2006

Personnel licensing update from John Devine

Hello MAIN Friends,

I'm attaching a link below to a memo from Allan Hoffman who at the time
of this document was the head of the personnel licensing division of the
MN Department of Education. I was just made aware that there is a new
director effective yesterday when I called to contest a variance denial
(which was thankfully overturned by Dan Bittman who has consistently
been very helpful to us). I have not as yet had the need to use this
"new" license option, but it really sounds like the way to go if you
want to save the aggravation and time of filing variances, limited
licenses or community expert paperwork every year for three years. It
has some specific requirements to be met i.e. HOUSSE or Praxis II, but
those can be manageable in many instances. The one thing I don't know is
whether they would allow you to appeal for a fourth year as they do with
the variance and limited licenses. If you were already aware of this, I
apologize for cluttering your email box, but on the other hand I wanted
to be sure that you might know about this possibility. I hope you are
all enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating summer.

Cut and paste the the link below in your internet address window:

Best regards,
John Devine
Normandale French Immersion Elementary School
Edina Public Schools

March 1, 2006


Hi MAINers,

If you've gotten this far, you're blogging! Cool, huh?

As we discussed at our last MAIN meeting, I have set up a weblog (blog) for CARLA-MAIN to use as an additional communication vehicle. Its main purpose is to make available organizational files such as our most recent members list, minutes from past meetings, etc. At our next meeting we may wish to discuss how else we want to use this blog. To become a CARLA-MAIN blog user, you need to post a comment that will then funnel through me for an okay (i.e., you are part of MAIN) prior to posting. That serves as a security check for first time commenters.


MAIN Co-chair