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In the article "Experimental Research for PTSD: Ecstasy", the researchers commented on the power of the media to gain awareness and acceptance of proposed research.

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Ecstasy is a controversial drug classified in the Schedule 1 classification, along with drugs like heroin, cocaine and LSD. They are suppose to have no medical benefit and be highly addictive. Changing this attitude toward the drug was important for Dr. Doblin to be able to research it without bias.

This is an interesting look at the way the media can shape a research study. Public support and decreased stigmas of the drug was necessary for the DEA to allow the research to continue. Voicing their optimism toward ecstasy being a help instead of a harm was a interesting feature to this study not often seen.

Now that the study has found promising results it has become a three-day feature article on CNN's news site. They followed the Research with Legs article's advice to make the research into a story, showing their insights through narrative.

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