U.S. Happiness Poll

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I thought this was an interesting gallup poll, and something not normally reported on: happniess level. The method of this survey was to call approximately 1,000 national adults and interview them on if they experienced a lot of happiness and enjoyment without a lot of stress and worry versus if they experienced daily worry and stress without a lot of happiness. Relating this back to our class, they used a closed-ended question with multiple choices. Although this may not be completely accurate because the participants were given only two options to pick from and some may have felt like they were more in the middle.

There was also a percentage of error or +/- 4 points. This means that while the results say there was 44% overall happiness, the range of confidence is 40% - 48%. There was also inconsistent data; there was 44% reported happy and 13% reported stressed, with no visible group to make up the difference.

Judging that happiness is already hard to measure I'd say this study has some flaws and should not be considered significant or representative of the U.S. population. On a global stage we already know where we stand: very close to the bottom. If Americans really want to be happy try moving to Denmark or Costa Rica!

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