illustrations and icons 5-8

illustrations and icons 1-4

Old Man Illustration and Icon


This is from a dream I had where I was partying with a friends parents. Do you want the journal entries as well?

The Travel Pitch.

For my travel Idea i would have the viewer approaching a town or a specific tourist destination and then driving past it to another completely more amazing (and fabricated) destination in the same city/town/location, to not only show the main attraction that brings people there (beaches, amusement parks, landmarks) but how much more there will be to it, the made up places will be amazing and this is to give the viewer the feel that something amazing will happen to them there. Kind of trying to illustrate emotions through pictures and show the viewer what they will feel and how great it will be. It would probably start out leaving from a campus.

The farm pitch.

For the Farm pitch, I would make a gritty textured feeling everything being run down and rotten. I would have maggie and her father be animals most likely pigs with human features to give them a gritty creepy feel(maybe not the farmers but someone opposed to the farmers visiting? police officer, consumer, etc) and I would have the farm farming rotten foods to give it another off sort of feel. I would have some sort of consumer or mass produced object in there like McDonalds or something showing why the family farm had gone to waste, or abandoned farms around them.

Museum Pitch

The first page would be looking at a painting behind a velvet rope. The next page would be the person moving the rope and climbing into the painting (the page after). The subsequent pages would be the viewer on an adventure through the painting with the final page a view of behind the persons head as they are all imagining it.

Project 2 Mood Board


The images and style i chose to base my design on were the older posters (1910-1930, specifically A.M. Cassandre) that have the cut out feel to them, and use lots of gradients. The font i chose to use was a sans serif typeface that had the feel of the fonts being used at the time, like Universal or other sans serif's.

UNESCO Poster Design 2 (Unity)

UNESCO Poster Design 1 (Tree)

Anatomy of Design

I found a book cover design that i was able to tell the influences from.
At first i chose it because of the influence of older posters. It is quite clear based on the simple style, and basic color palate that the designer wanted the 70's ish look. I think they did this because the book is about war, and many peace posters of the 60's and 70's had a strong cultural influence. Although this book is about war, not peace, I believe the designer was trying to tap into that vibe.
Upon further inspection, I realized that the author used Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as another source of inspiration. I believe he did this to show the quirkiness of the the "War Nerd". In the blurb on the front of the book they also establish his quirkiness.