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The Public

Although Interact Center is the only nationally known organization of its kind, it is not well known in the Twin Cities, where it resides in downtown Minneapolis. The Center itself, is hard to find. When I was walking down the street trying to find it on my first day, I could not find it even when I was only a block away, I knew the address but there were no visible signs to the main entrance. (There is a sign closer to the exhibition space on the other side of the building.) I also thought it was strange that I asked two people on the street who worked next door, where it was and they did not know. I do not think this is on purpose on the part of Interact, but it does raise some potential issues about the public knowing what the organization is and what they do.
For the most part, the people who attend the events are family, although they do send out brochures for the exhibitions, most of the general public does not know about the event.

The artists do have a chance to exhibit their works outside of the Interact Center. There are currently two places in the Twin Cities where their works are being showcased: The Hennepin County Family Justice Center and CES Fitness. The artists are also encouraged to submit their art in competitions outside Interact.

The paintings in the Interact Center that are held in the exhibition space range in prices from $50 to $200 usually. When a painting is sold, a portion of the profit goes to the artist. The paintings can either be purchased at Interact or online at Shutterfly.com where prints of the works can also be ordered. (http://insideoutgallery.shutterfly.com/)

The main challenges that the Artists at Interact Center face are gaining the public's awareness of their artwork to be able to sell it. I think that this organization provides a great little niche in the community and if the public knew more about their work, they would be supportive and buy their pieces. The future prospects in expanding its activities are limitless. The Performing artists could travel and show their work if other cities contracted them and artists can showcase their work in other venues as well but it is up to the outside art world and public to realize their potential and view their work.