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Visual Arts

At the Interact Center, they exhibit usually around 6 shows a year. This was the last major exhibition. The artists were challenged to paint and draw what they saw in Wing Young Huie's paintings. The paintings by the Interact artists were then hung along with Huie original works. Wing Young Huie is a local artist who lives in the Seward neighborhood.

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The following information is from the exhibit announcement:

Wing Young Huie Exhibit

20 Interact artists created over 60 pieces of artwork based on Wing Young
Huie's photographs, reception this Friday, 6 - 9.

*Interact's Inside Out Gallery at the Colonial Warehouse presents two spectacular events
for the holiday season*

*Interact Responds to Wing Young Huie*

*Opening Reception Friday, December 5th, 6-9pm

The Inside Out Gallery is thrilled to share our newest collaborative
exhibit, RE/Vision: Interact Responds to Wing Young Huie. In this show,
Interact Center artists respond to the award winning photography of Wing
Young Huie, and exhibit their work alongside his. This collection of deeply
personal individual pieces creates a connection to a larger community, which
is at the core of Huie's work.

Wing Young Huie is a prominent local photographer who has received
international attention for his many projects that document the changing
cultural landscape of his home state Minnesota. His work shows ethnically
diverse and economically challenged inner city neighborhoods and is
profound, honest, deeply moving and often humorous and joyful.

(Art announcement informations taken from: http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/mpls-seward/messages/topic/5h96t9Lh2NVfyFeClCByF3)

The current exhibition is "6x6" 6 mini collections by 6 Interact Artists which opened on February 23, 2009.

The next exhibition opens on Friday, April 26, 2009 and is titled: "Visions and Seers". Interact artists investigate the portrait as a way to celebrate self and otherness. This intriguing collection explores both direct representation and how far an artist can stretch boundaries.

Here are some other works by some of the artists that I have worked with: