April 21, 2009

The Teachers

The teachers are professional artists who work and help the artists at Interact. It seems to be a mix of people with different backgrounds, some were professional artists who now teach, some have degrees in psychology, others in family social sciences, others in Art or Theatre, and others specialize in physical therapy. There is a hierarchy of the teachers: the ones with the most training and/or teaching experience are the main teachers. My informant is a professional artist who works full time at the Interact Center but she does not actually have a specific classroom to teach in. On Mondays, when I go to Interact, I help her in the smaller, upstairs, Visual Arts classroom. She is only there on Mondays though, when the other employee, who is a Certified Art Teacher, is off of work. Throughout the rest of the week, she is downstairs helping out, almost like a volunteer would. On Mondays though, she is free to decide what the artists should work on and help them learn new skills. She is also free to decide which artists are allowed to work in the upstairs room. Most of these artists that she chooses are usually only in the room downstairs, so it gives the artists a chance to learn new skills and work with different people. Then throughout the rest of the week, the artists work on different projects downstairs.