October 17, 2005

Kristen's Ideas on Intelligent Design

Intelligent design is the belief that the world was made by an ultimate creator who then designed earth and its inhabitants so that they would evolve to become stronger and better suited for their changing environments. It involves the basic concepts found in religion with those of the modern scientific world. Although intelligent design is a belief of people who have their own evidence in why to support it, I believe that it does not have a place in science classrooms. Science is based off of a specific method of making a hypothesis, experimenting, and then gathering results and conclusions from the data obtained. A public classroom is no place to start teaching religious beliefs instead of tangible truths. While some may be open to the idea of intelligent design, others have already formed their own ideas on how everything came to be which might not even include a supreme being. To teach any religion is to unify church and state and this goes against United States law. A more important question to be raised is if we are taught there is a supreme being, then which religionís god will be used. Will the ideas of the Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or perhaps a lesser known religion be taught. If all people can not decide which religion is completely based on truth, then how can we base a school course on one specific idea? Intelligent debate does have its own place in society. Those who are open to new ideas and will not take offense to these ideas can choose to be exposed to new theories. To force anyone, especially young people who take a teachers words for truth, to sit in a classroom and get graded on beliefs stemming from religious views is wrong and should not be held acceptable in public science classes in schools. -- KRISTEN

Posted by fount012 at October 17, 2005 5:49 PM