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Math curse

The conference proceedings Math Everywhere quotes Jacques-Louis Lions: "Do you really want to mathematize everything?"

That's the theme of great kids' book:
"On Monday in math class, Mrs. Fibonacci says, 'You know, you can think of almost everything as a math problem.'
On Tuesday I start having problems. . . .
I take the milk out for my cereal and wonder:
1. How many quarts in a gallon?
2. How many pints in a quart?
3. How many inches in a foot?
4. How many feet in a yard?
5. How many yards in a neighborhood? How many inches in a pint? How many feet in my shoes?
I don't even bother to take out the cereal. I don't want to know how many flakes in a bowl.
Mrs. Fibonacci has obviously put a MATH CURSE on me. Everything I look at or think about has become a math problem."

Not to worry, there's a happy ending.

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Link to MNCAT record

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