Response to Cyberliteracy (Intro + Chap. 1)

Upon reaching the end of chapter one in Cyberliteracy, I had mixed feelings about what I had read. I extremely enjoyed the behind the scenes look at technology and why we all utilize the things we do know. My favorite example of this being the VHS versus Betamax back in the day and how VHS succeeded because Sony marketed it more. However, I didn't know quite what to make of the author's attitude towards the internet and everything its done. Of course we can all see that 4G connections and Wi-Fi Hotspots are separating us from values we once held, but I myself don't fear it. People want their information faster everyday and new innovations are able to put just that under their Christmas trees every year. I would agree that we can't get sucked in and that we need to take a few steps back every once and a while to remember there is such thing as a real life conversation.
In short, I completely agree that we need to remain physically conscious of how much we rely on technology, but I don't know if need to be scared that it will someday haunt us.

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